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Looking for the "right" Terminator 2 color grading...

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OK, so I just watched the 35mm scan videoprojected at 4K HDR to recapture the feel of my 2014 35mm screening, and yes, it's definitely the reference to use to colormatch the Blu-ray. It checks all my memory boxes: lovely light cyan blues plus purples cohabitating in night scenes, much less saturation than on home video, yellow explosions, flames and steel factory, no digital tweeks that turn Silberman's face into plastic. It's all good. If only it were restored and complete instead of being a grindhouse copy missing a few frames and a few lines, it would be perfect. Now let the regrade projects begin! If only it were SDR, it would've been easier to use in a colormatching tool, though.
Here's an example for starters:

Skynet Blu-ray:

[Image: XaYdl.jpg]

3D Blu-ray:

[Image: wj7VR.jpg]

Latest regarde from here:

[Image: P5Yaq.jpg]


[Image: 2kmP9.jpg]

Latest regrade matched to 35mm using Dre's tool:

[Image: 4aK2l.jpg]

With additional contrast tweeking, it'll do it.

And another:


[Image: 8G4L0.jpg]

Latest regrade matched to 35mm that would need additional tweeking in the highlights to fix the artefact:

[Image: LvDYd.jpg]
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Nothing beats the 35mm! That's the genuine stuff.
(2021-09-06, 03:40 PM)Beber Wrote: [Image: 4aK2l.jpg]

Looks good.
I look forward to your finished project Smile
(2021-09-06, 11:33 PM)CSchmidlapp Wrote: Looks good.
I look forward to your finished project Smile

I just started tonight using the 2015 US Blu-ray master. Hopefully I can do the color matching on the whole film. Fingers crossed.
(2017-01-08, 03:29 PM)spoRv Wrote: I have just a part of the squeezed LD capture - about the first 10 minutes and 15 seconds, and, after I watched PDB's color grading, I decided to have fun regrading the latter, using the squeezed LD as color reference.

Top: PDB's regrade/Middle: PDB's luma, LD matched chroma/Bottom: LD untouched

[Image: T2_000750.jpg]

[Image: T2_001300.jpg]

[Image: T2_002466.jpg]

[Image: T2_002516.jpg]

[Image: T2_002911.jpg]

[Image: T2_003342.jpg]

[Image: T2_003662.jpg]

[Image: T2_004375.jpg]

[Image: T2_004784.jpg]

[Image: T2_006104.jpg]

[Image: T2_007685.jpg]

[Image: T2_009240.jpg]

[Image: T2_010417.jpg]

[Image: T2_011814.jpg]

[Image: T2_013645.jpg]

[Image: T2_014549.jpg]

As you can see, some shots are pretty close, while others are really different. Also, there is some space for quality improvement, like using original non-previously regraded version, a better capture, a denoised one.

I feel like your regrade is the best. Especially fire shots.
Project creator.
That the first or second squeeze?
The first one.
Project creator.
That scan really is something of a revelation, who would have guessed that the home video releases were THAT MUCH less blue than the original theatrical. I couldn't believe our luck when it showed up.

Also, thank you for pointing out the scan is HDR. I'd only been able to spot check it on my work monitor and didn't even think to check that it wouldn't be rec.709. Now that I know, I'll have make sure to check it out on the tele at Christmas.

Good work on the regrade!
(2021-12-16, 08:22 PM)CloakedDragon97 Wrote: The first one.

Ah good, the correct one

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