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El Mariachi. Original AR / Open-Matte
Hi Fanres.

Is there anybody out there aware of the best open-matte version of Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi?

The film was shot on 16mm in a 1.33.1 AR (?) and blown up to 35mm for the general release.
All releases i know of on DVD/BLU are cropped to 16.9 and had to be scanned from a 35mm blowup because the negative was to damaged (information from the DVD commentary).

My Original VHS (Which i no longer possess!) was in 4:3 and (I believe) Open Matte. As were the TV showings in the UK.
According to the LDDB
The Japanese retaines the full frame, with the other releases cropping to a (less server) 1:66:1 AR
all these releases have Burnt in subtitles.

A search on ebay led me to this version
and a better PAL version
Which if 'English dubbed' should means they proberbly dont have burn't in Subtitles (?).

Does anybody know of the existance of any other versions, or have caps of the versions I mentioned above?
It would be nice to preserve the original version, Just wondering where the best sources are.
Thanks given by:

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