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Ghost in the Shell
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i see for analog there is something like this. thx for that info.
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(2018-07-31, 06:42 AM)CSchmidlapp Wrote: Once a film is released and has made its initial run it really is discarded!
(2018-07-31, 05:29 PM)zoidberg Wrote: Everything involved in obtaining the final negative is a means to an end. ...
The real irony is that the original elements were rescanned and recomposited... for 2.0  Angry

It was similar to early (Disney years) animation, where the cels were "scrubbed" and reused due to keep expenses down. A means to an end. Too bad.

The "original elements" means . . . re-photographing of the actual cels and backgrounds? Or just re-compositing the old, pre-1995 negative (or inter-positive / whatever)) elements?

I would think the latter. It would better explain why GITS still doesn't look up to full HD (and now UHD) -- re-photography would surely be able to produce razor-sharp pictures (anywhere they wanted them).
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(2018-08-01, 02:30 PM)der richter Wrote: basically, it introduced a colour shift to counter a general colour shift on TV equipment. ... it wasn't even done consistently everywhere.

I noticed that in my test correction and would've re-shifted the spectrum but didn't want to interfere with the crushed-blown re-adjustment demonstration. From your extra information, I re-approached it with a HSL hue shift, first, and then added the Histogram compensation for the flattened lows and highs (but still not filling in those actual crushed-blownout areas) . .

[Image: Slipstream_JP_LD_HSL-histogram_cc.png]

That "hit the nail on the head" (at least for this shot). Thanks! Wink  (And good to keep in mind for other JP LDs.)
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I came across a JP LD screenshot (right) of that same US LD one (left) . .

[Image: GITS_US_LD_left_JP_LD_right.png]

(Pay no attention to relative frame sizes -- it was a slow zoom-in and I resized according to the center character.)

The US may be a poor LD, but we would only know with a capture that isn't crushed and blown. The JP is crushed all around the surrounding shadows, but had no blow-out. Only good captures of both would tell about detail in those areas. It's all to determine if the laserdiscs have anything to contribute to a restoration.
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Hi, I've been silently watching this thread for a while now, and finally decided to create an account. I thought it would be interesting to point out that 35mm strips are available on eBay. I've contacted the guy selling them back when I discovered that, and he confirmed he owned the whole reel. Needless to say his business is so lucrative he will never consider selling it. There is also an alarming number of cells for sale here since last time I checked, that's sad Sad

Also, this is probably not really helpful but a while ago I tried to read the C code typed by Dr.Willis and it seems to be image-processing related. One of my crazy theories is that this is the source code of some of the software used during the digital processing of the movie. But we will probably never know the truth.

I forgot to talk about this. It seems to contain some information about Ghost in the Shell. I don't know exactly what, since I can't read Japanese, but maybe we're lucky and it gives a few details about production ?
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