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Ghost in the Shell
I wanted to comment so you know that someone read all that, but I'm not sure what I think.

The clean up is surprisingly good looking. I thought I'd hate the grain clean up, but I don't at all. It's a good compromise.
Compared to the source it sometimes feels like detail was removed... but from still images alone those could just as well be artifacts I'm seeing scrubbed.

Also, my color vision is sub-par so... the color change doesn't seem aggressive, but like the rest of the image, it is still superior to the BD. I'm not actually sure why any color adjustment is necessary without a reference.

Are you planning on syncing an English track with this? I have a bunch of different versions if you need any.
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some detail was removed or hidden in the reconstructed grain. just as a little note how the reconstruction was done. basically the source was degrained several times with different methods/frequencies. with the diff between source and the degrained result one could extract 'good' grain from the artifacts. from the end result just the good grain was kept from the different passes. the degrained source was filtered more. after that the grain was added back to the filtered degrained source. to put it simply. since extracting the good parts from the bad parts is not completely error free and highly scene dependent some details were lost or hidden in the process. this can still be tweaked, but it would at least need a second pair of eyes. i still have to see the full thing on playback, but some of the first parts are not completely to my liking.

i was planning to add the same english track as the one from my previous versions. it wasn't the one from the UK or US BD because the mixing on those were broken.
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@drood Xeroxing the pencil art for further work was a standard process back in the day, that's how Akira was made, that's how they made first GITS movie. Industry standard, that's how it was done back in the day. You know that when you're into collecting cels or get deeper into animation creation process. There are small pieces of knowledge in the interviews, blog entries of people who actually worked in the studios and in the art books / albums. For instance Making of Akira document at youtube is quite informative if you pay attention to what they're saying and what you see in the footage (there's a number of cuts showing the actual process of painting the backgrounds and working on animation, which is super cool- I recommend watching it).

@der richter
Thanks for taking your time to anwser. My only reference when judging the color would be, well, the source - stuff actually created for the animation and maybe the first released DVD. I am no color processing historian but I wouldn't assume the backgrounds were painted with color processing in post production in mind. I would assume they were created with intention of later being transferred as faithfully as possible to the master film - stuff like digital post production / color correction was still crawling back then. I own "Proto Anime Cut" album with very nice scans of GITS backgrounds created by Hiromasa Ogura, the album was accompanying an exhibition showing original artwork from Ghost in the shell - google it, and more importantly - google Hiromasa Ogura to see the actual artwork. Obviously, these are images / scans and - in case of the album - scan prints so the color gets shifted a bit, however not much - the guache colors with which GITS backgrounds were created were muddy, desaturated to begin with so there's not much a good print wouldn't handle. Obviously, this shouldn't be reference material - the reference should be the artworks themselves, not on print, but clearly even the hundreds of the images taken from the exhibition show there's no red tint, if anything, the colors are blueish, grayish, greenish.. That's the common color palette. And I think DVD release reflects that (the one from your link).
I think the red tint I'm mentioning shows well at the image number 42 from your link. TS WOWOW version obviously suffers from it the most, but V3 version is also bit shifted toward reds vs the DVD. DVD version, although inferior in quality of course in terms of sharpness, is greenish tinted, all the other versions in comparison have a red tint - I just don't see it other way. You're saying you've toned down the reds when you created your versions - but vs what, the DVD version? If so I don't think that's the case or maybe I'm just not understanding the process. Process aside, you have to agree that the V1, V2 and V3 releases have a red tint while the DVD is more shifted towards greens?
I don't think I'm seeing things. I've been graphic designer for last 12 years and one of major european Fine Arts Academy graduate, my eyes are quite sensitive Wink

This is of course a subject to a separate discussion - what where the authors intentions and what were the compromises they had to make with the technology they had at hand back when they made the anime film, considering the money at stake I'd say everything they did at every step was a conscious decision. While DVD version sucks in terms of fidelity, it's blurred and low-res, I think the colors actually represent the tonality of cels / painted backgrounds well. I should mention I've seen the og backgrounds and original cels in person. And they are nowhere "as red" as the V1/V2/V3. That's why the whole red tint thing struck me.
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like i said the red is toned down considerably in comparison to the source i used, eg the TV stream. nothing else, nothing less, nothing more.

also you shouldn't lump v1 and the other versions together. v1 = TV stream/no kind of color correction, v2+ color corrections. on your suggested screen 42 one can see how much red i removed from the original TV stream.

if you ask about my opinion, BD is horribly blue, the DVD is a bit toned down and doesn't use the whole level range (more grayish). i wouldn't really call #42 red tinted per se, it's more a combination of slightly shifted colours in various areas and a different range level usage. i can agree that my version looks overall a bit warmer.

if i had the originals as references it would be easier to recreate the look. also i think it's most likely impossible for me to exactly recreate the look of the DVD.

also don't get me wrong, throwing around things like "i am a graduated of x" and "have x years experience as y" are by no means in any way proper arguments for anything for me personally. there are enough people with various degrees of experience and they can still suck at what they do. hell i have decades if experience doing shit and i am none the wiser than before tbh. i am still baffled how dumb and inexperienced i am.
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