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Ghost in the Shell

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Has the original 1995 anime (non enhanced CGI) ever had a decent HD release?
Wasn't the Japanese release that came with 2.0 pretty good?
Ive PMed you Zoidberg,
I'm curious too
I just found out that the first Blu-Ray release of Ghost in the Shell here in Italy came as a 3-disc boxset including 1) original 1995 version, 2) 2.0 and 3) the second film. This boxset (from 2012) is long out of print and I can't even find it on eBay, it's called "Absolute edition". It's from a company (Terminal Video) that went belly up, the last time it was available on amazon was summer 2015 then no more. I imagine it's pretty rare to find now but it exists!

To date it's the only known release of the 1995 version in HD.

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I am a total noob to this movie. Always heard that it is one of the best cyberpunk animes...
What are the differences between the old Version and the new Version? Is the enhanced Version called the "Ghost in the Shell 2.0" or is thas a complete different thing?
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Get ready for The Horror

They remade everything basically. Even Lucas would have been ashamed of such a thing.

I'm not an anime guy but this is one of my favorite animated films.
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Yeah the 2.0 is a total CGI makeover and has major color correction, best avoided if possible, especially if first viewing.
Okay.. seems as if Germany got the normal Version on BD in japanese and German (two different german dubs) in 1080p while UK got it in japanese and english as 1080i Bonus with their GitS2.0 BD. according to ofdb.de

Now I am curious.

I am not that big fan of anime, because it is just too confusing, but I don't "not like" anime for beeing anime, just for the complications I get as someone collection movies... Series, OVAs, Movies.. revised Versions.. and so on.. horrible.. and then you have to deal with their fans... they are as vicious as Star Wars ot Star Trek Fans... Smile

I'll check if the German BD fits truely to the theatrical Version... I just ordered the BD. Smile
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
I'm not an anime fan either but GITS and Akira are just great movies.

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