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Normal rendering times?

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I'm at my first rendering of/exporting a 98mins on Adobe Premiere with many effect layers and I'm wondering how normal is to have 55-60 hours expected rendering time with my computer set-up (i7 4790 CPU, 16GB RAM, GeForce GT 730 graphic card) Dodgy
(I usually edit 30 minutes videos from FUll-HD files with a great deal of additional layers and it takes them 1 or 1 1/2 hours. Working with 720p source renders almost in real-time)
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Well normal is difficult to say but a render time of that length is something I would consider normal if you have a lot of effects engaged. Especially, if the effects change the geometry of the video. For example, I have had render times ranging from 6 hours (just color timing) to 128 hours (a total video overhaul) depending on the difficulty of the project. This is with roughly the same level of hardware you have Evit. When it gets too long of render time (say converting to lag-avi) I just split up the project and merge the files together later.

I assume you have CUDA turned on?
Cuda, although not much with that graphic card, is turned on.
I'm trying to understand if I'm a victim, like others I read online, of a mysterious underuse of CPU. In fact, CPU read-outs are very low (not higher than 15%). I don't know if they might kick off later on during the rendering or what.
I was trying to make a quick low quality file to work with subtitles but I guess it is not an option with these render times.
Rendering to a 264 MP4 should be faster then say a compressed Avi
In that case I fear discovering what rendering times I would get with avi ahah

I was indeed using h264 mp4. At this point I'll just do the final render and use that as reference for subtitles.
Alright, it appears that after the first hour the rendering time dropped to 5 hours top (from the early estimate of 130 hours). The first part of the project must have been CPU-intensive. I'll know soon enough if the export turned out ok (I went full-on with the final render for Blu-Ray)
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It sounds as if your render time is now within the normal/expected range.
I'm glad. I wasn't thrilled about spending 5-6 days rendering, not with my machine at least!
Glad it worked out Evit
After replacing the first 3 minutes with a different source, the rendering time lowered to 3 hours and a half! There must have been some codec problem in the first few minutes of film.

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