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OPEN MATTE - Master List
Your a star, Stamper, can't thank you enough, look forward to seeing it.
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I have one possible candidate, Ridley Scott's Tristan + Isolde.

I discovered there's a fullscreen DVD out there, probably opened up from it's rather cramped 1.85 ratio going by BD screengrabs.
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I think it wasn't posted. Scary Movie (2000) OM . There's low quality rip from TVP1 HD -> 

[Image: 33b21a22643b.png]

BD ->

 [Image: 4ce2497d95e2.png]

It's not fully open in every scene: 

[Image: a60f7059161d.png]

[Image: 48d96206b823.png]
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Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)

[Image: 01.png]

DVD NTSC R1 (Fullscreen version 4/3) 2nd side
[Image: 02.png]

[Image: 03.png]

DVD NTSC R1 (Fullscreen version 4/3) 2nd side
[Image: 04.png]
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Hey spoRv, will you put your list online again at some point? Currently using wayback machine to read it. Big Grin

Anyway, I found a nice Open Matte DVD of Big Lebowski. Hoping I can find something in HD or higher resolution from the same master to make a good looking hybrid. The fullscreen has kind of a "feel" to it that in my opinion fits the movie very well.

[Image: OPENMATTE.jpg]

Edit: This master is probably from before the 1999 PolyGram-Universal merger, because it still has the old Polygram logo, which is the reason I was searching for it in the first place. This DVD in particular is PAL, however I see there's an anamorphic NTSC DVD released in 1998 that I think still may reasonably have the Polygram logo and thus the old master. Combining the two, if indeed the same master, might give a good enough image I think. Just have to find it now. It has the UPC 044005653922 / EAN 0044005653922 apparently, does anyone here happen to own it?
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