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OPEN MATTE - Master List
National Lampoons Vacation - VHS
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(2021-05-10, 05:12 AM)eledoremassis02 Wrote: National Lampoons Vacation - VHS

Fullscreen on first snapper ntsc

This same with Vacation and Christmas
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iTunes Mexico has The Mask (1994) in 4:3 HD. With the exception of the CG/VFX stuff, most shots show more info top and bottom.

[Image: Capture.png]
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(2020-11-17, 05:45 AM)woody6604 Wrote:
(2020-11-17, 03:52 AM)SpaceBlackKnight Wrote: The 1.33 versions of Sorcerers Stone and Chamber of Secrets are a mix of opened up dialog/exterior shots (some shots have more height info than the 1.78 HDTV/Web versions) and cropped CG/VFX shots. Goblet of Fire to Half Blood Prince are basically the 1.78 versions with the sides shaved off on all shots. Unlike most big studio productions, which finish CG VFX sections at the 2.40 theatrical ratio, the CG shots on the Harry Potters were rendered at a 16:9 size so they could be masked for scope and avoid pan and scanning on 4:3 versions.

gotcha. i own the fullscreens for SS and CoS so i was more concerned with finding the other 1.33 versions. i saw on a different website that goblet of fire has comparable shots to the first two films in 4:3 though, but maybe i can get my hands on a copy of the fullscreen of that. if half blood prince is only a pan and scan of the 1.78 version, then i'll pass lol. thanks for letting me know though! i have an odd love for 4:3 so that's why i may seem so picky about it

I actually checked HP 4 through 6 OM DVDs and they do have extra picture many times compared to the 16:9 WEBs
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Cruising (1980) screencaps (Arrow remaster) x Russian VHS

[Image: 9ba0d3fa3c8dad2c64dd26a9610c9a4246291c1c.jpg]

[Image: f42416bf1a8cc6264765f47e7e3767afe62e911c.jpg]
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The Addams Family and Addams Family Values are both open matte on VHS. I don't know about DVD though.
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