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WORKPRINTS - Master List
Is there a recording of the TV version of Scanners?
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Please add ... DS9 episode, Through The Looking Glass. I have it here at home on VHS.

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hello guys , sorry for disturb again but anyone know where I can find the work print of From Dusk Till Dawn? best regards and thank you
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I was lookin on SporV's blog and don't know how often is updated but...
Cable Guy

And some titles I'm not sure (if they're not just screeners):
Specialist, Wolf
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If people are looking for specific workprints or TV versions to use in projects feel free to drop me a PM, I have a very large list so might be able to help.
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I ended up finding the Daddy's Dyin, Who's Got The Will workprint. It's pretty cool.
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(2019-09-04, 07:54 PM)i\m interested in the following prints, u wanna trade ?    Daddy's Dyin, Who's Got The Will workprint.Psychosexy Wrote: I ended up finding the Daddy's Dyin, Who's Got The Will workprint. It's pretty cool.
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(2017-01-08, 09:57 PM)PDB Wrote: Some more workprints to add spoRv:

Alien 3: the workprint is an unique cut about half way between the assembly and theatrical cuts. It also contains a dozen unique shots, unfinished SFX and the soundtrack is without music. Just dialogue (some exclusive to this cut)and on unfinished sound effects.

Bram Stoker's Dracula: also contains unique shots and scenes

The infamous Alien 3 work print, always been fascinated by this one ... I remembering reading all the Fangoria and Gorezone magazine articles including interviews with Fincher leading up to the release and then being so disappointed. The movie still has a place in my heart but like Event Horizon, I dream of watcher the fully realized visions!!!
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I still remember when the workprint for Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith came out a few weeks before the theatrical release. It looked pristine, the first workprint I ever saw and it was like having a DVD copy. I can see from @spoRv's blog list that it turned out to be exact same copy as the released DVD.
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