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Demodulating AC3 RF From Laserdisc
Can demodulation of the RF AC3 track be done via software (ie applied to a capture of the analogue track of adequate resolution) or can it only be done via hardware? I doubt it but I thought I'd ask anyway.
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Don't know if it is possible; probably yes, but an used RF demodulator should be the best solution for the moment! Wink
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I figured as much, it's a shame that the gear is still so pricey, so many hoops to jump through for AC3! It would be cool if someone with too much spare time was able to test this out.
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There was an outboard Sony Surround processor preamp that had an AC3 demodulator built in. A feature that is often overlooked.
Not sure how often these pop up anymore, but they tend to go for a lot less than the better known standalone models.
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You are correct SilverWook, here is a list of purportedly every piece of A/V gear to handle AC3 RF:

In fact I recently saw a Harman Kardon decoder on eBay for £20! It was RF in, 5.1 out, not so great for capture, much better for playback! Of course I sold my LD player and discs many moons ago but there's always time to redeem myself...
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