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LDs interesting to be preserved
I was lucky, and good, enough to find out the latest great collections in Italy at a good price... nowadays, everyone who sells a laserdisc, seems to sell "the rarest thing in the video world" - and so price rises... I must admit they were limited edition, but I don't think someone would shell out the price of two or more brand new Blu-rays for an admitedly inferior format - and with no special things more than any DVD/BD, at least in relation to Italian PAL LDs!
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Sorry for the delay, but I have to literally fight with the old PC and capture card issues... after I have found the right settings two days ago, the day after everything has been resetted, so I started to tweak settings here and there... it's a mess, because the AJA own driver, and the conflict with the Sony owns BDA capture card...

Now I have found the right path - more or less:
  • open the AJA Machina software, to let the PC recognize the AJA card
  • close it (I can't use it because it allows to use only its own card audio, that is not S/PDIF nor "normal" analog)
  • open VirtualDub and go to capture AVI
  • go to Capture Pin to set the frame rate
  • go to Set Custom Format and switch to the right PAL settings
Easy, huh? Big Grin

OK, going to capture BITH now!
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Speaking of Asian films on LD, have you ever considered hunting down the LD of Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back? Because I was hoping to use some footage from it for a future project.
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Koopa, Bullet In The Head was provided by MrBrown to be captured; in my huge collection, I have only few titles from Hong Kong and Japan... but if you would send it to me, I'll be happy to capture for you!
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I actually don't have it (I never said I did), I'm looking for it myself.
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Bullet in the head is captured. It seems Das Boot doesn't need to be captured, but I'm open to do it anyway.

Now, I have to know to which version should I put T2 AC-3 in sync with.
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Speaking of more modern movies, does anyone happen to know how the LD track for Reservoir Dogs sounds? I just saw Tarantino's personal 35mm print at Tribeca and graded the Japanese BD to match (based on same-day memory and reference photos). It's shockingly different from how we're used to seeing the movie. Would not be averse to releasing the custom to finally do the film justice.

And, on another note, I do have a decent amount of raw PCM (albeit non bit-perfect) captures from classic movies, like Night of the Hunter, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Notorious, Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Casablanca, and Citizen Kane. Moshrom was helping me, but I've lost touch with him, so can use someone to sync.
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Speaking of which, I was planning to do Reservoir Dogs as one of my own projects--only, I was planning on making my version in black and white as Tarantino originally intended.
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Oh yes there is no good version Reservoir except maybe the french Pan & Scan bonus DVD.
Can provide french surround dub if you want.
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Sure, thanks! Even my DVDs are lacking in that regard (you know how Live/Artisan/Lionsgate is/was/whatever with most of their DVD releases).
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