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Star Wars: Episode II- Attack of the Clones (2002): IMAX Cut Reconstruction
Project Info

Back when the Attack of the Clones was released in 2002, IMAX screenings were strictly limited to 2 hour films. Therefore, AOTC (2 hours and 22 minutes) theatrically had to be cut about 22 minutes. At the time, it was also cropped to 1.81 to fill more of the IMAX screen than the original 2.35 ratio would permit.

Fortunately, George Lucas did not supervise this edit. Whoever did clearly caught a lot of flaws in the bloated original film and was particularly brutal in axing the worst of Anakin's excesses, as well as unnecessary subplot sequences in general. Actually, this IMAX version winds up being decently similar to fan edits that succeeded it.

No CAM or TS of this IMAX version exists but many extensive cutlists were created at the time. I reconstructed this based off of information from several sources, and it should prove a reasonable approximation of the IMAX cut until a proper reference source is found (highly unlikely, if ever).

In full disclosure, this is actually an older project that's been sitting on my Hard Drive for awhile. Project files were lost in that crash I mentioned, but I was able to encode a nice BD25 compatible MKV beforehand. Despite its color timing, the BD was used as the source because, at the time, I didn't want to put an HDTV stream through multiple processes of re-encoding, especially because I was considering matching the 1.81 aspect ratio originally. All in all, it's not perfect, but a BD50 V2, color-corrected to match the theatrical timing, is far off for me. (Have a lot of other projects to do in the meantime).  Tongue

Partial Cutlist (taken from one web source)
- Original meeting with Palpatine right after the assassination attempt
- Meeting Jar-Jar at the elevator
- Small cuts right before Coruscant chase
- Anakin levitating the orb and some dialogue in Amidala's chamber
- Obi-Wan, Mace and Yoda discussing Anakin
- Padmé saying goodbye to her handmaiden
- Library Scene
- Padmé and Anakin meeting with Queen on Naboo
- The Meadow scene (entire thing)
- Part of fireplace scene (quick and painless)
- Boba turning Slave 1 to fire at Obi-Wan
- Meeting Owen, Beru and Cliegg
- Part of meeting with Dooku and Obi-Wan
- Any discussion after Obi-Wan's transmission and attack (scenes with Bail Organa)
- Small cuts in the droid factory scene

  • US 20th Century Fox BD

  • US 20th Century Fox BD

Project Status
Second project completed and released!  Confuseduperman: Can be found at the usual places...

Final Product
BD25-Compatible MKV - 1080p 19.4 Mbps., 640Kbps AC3
Thanks given by: PDB , spoRv , Stamper , dvdmike
Very cool! Thank you for sharing!

Is this release the same aspect ratio as the BD or is it cropped as presented in IMAX originally? (Assuming, of course, that it was just cropped and not P&S)

Either way, this should be fun to check out... as I did see the film both in IMAX and in 35mm.

EDIT: Scratch that. Just read the post on the spleen. Thanks again!
Thanks given by:
Actually, nafroe, I did encode an alternate version in the 1.81 ratio. It's on a disc somewhere that I would need to find, so it might be awhile before I get to uploading that.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy this! I'm curious to see what someone who actually got a chance to watch the fabled cut thinks of this reconstruction...
Thanks given by:
It was a long time ago I saw the IMAX cut... obviously... haha... But I was a teenager at the time, and not sure how many specifics I can remember... for purposes of comparison and feedback. But for what it's worth, I do recall enjoying the cut.
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This is amazing! May I have a link please? Been wanting to see this for a looong time now.
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Hello Filmfan and welcome. Read the rules beforehand, this forum is about sharing information on projects, not the actual files.
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