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Films that used silver retention / bleach bypass
(2017-01-16, 02:51 PM)spoRv Wrote: As the effect is similar, there were some cross processed titles too. Just added the latest two, thanks to all!

Actually CP makes things more colorfu,l not less. So, its almost the opposite of bb. Still its nice to keep track of them here. Thanks, spoRv.

You can also add another Tony Scott film: Man on Fire. Also CP's in parts: Summer of Sam, Savages and the flashbacks in Kill Bill, Django Unchained and Cowboys and Aliens

(2017-01-16, 06:26 PM)spoRv Wrote: Don't know... as Alien Resurrection LD supposedly used the silver retention print master, maybe it could be the same for X files.

I got a question on that. Does your LD look different then the BD, spoRv? Everyone says the LD is taken from a silver print so I got a cap from Jonno to see if it was worth a regrade project. And beside being brighter because of the IRE difference, it looked basically the same as the BD. Not enough to get excited about.
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No, it's not just you... Big Grin still wonder if there is some obscure release using the ACE print as master... it's hard, but not impossible... maybe...

Well, all this "silver retention" fever bring me back to work on Minority Report; still can't remember why I put the project apart... oh well, I gave it a try, and did a small (3m33s) test clip; it seems colors are right, no artefacts (apart some small ones due to low bitrate); opinions?

By the way, to encode it all, it will take more than four days... I'm continuing to do that, so, if you feel there are something wrong with colors, please let me know here!
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I'm not sure if any transfer of Ronin uses a CCE source, nor if anything other than the LD master which was ported for the first DVD was ever treated with any respect. The SE/BD look is maybe a tad different in overall contrast and color rendering but otherwise largely identical.
A proper 4K master with both CCE and non-CCE options and untouched theatrical 5.1 DTS would be amazing...but sadly I'm usually the only one who thinks the film is an absolute masterwork.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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I updated the first post, addding that Alien Resurrection on BD/DVD/HDTV most probably used a silver retention print as master - that's what I think about, after I watched Fight Club few days ago (that has the same blacks/contrast/dull colors), and Alien 3 (that has not the same blacks/contrast). Of course, I could always be wrong, so I ask here for your opinions.

EDIT: after the comparison of Alien Resurrection BD with the DTS LD, the latter probably used an SR master, so I decided to change first post accordingly; also, after I took a look at the DTS LD of X-Files, which is quite similar to DVD, apart to have a bit more red, I updated first post to be "probably not DTS LD".
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