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Random ideas for new projects
Sometimes I wonder how a project maker decides which movie needs a restoration/preservation... so I thought to some ideas to take in account, to choose which movie will be the object of our new project, and what to make with it - if you have further ones, let me know! This could help new (and future) project makers, and also food for thought for the existing ones.
  • "unfixed" titles - let's face it, we are a bit tired of all the Star Wars projects, aren't we? That's not the fact we do not love it - we do! - but start a new project about it, unless this is really revolutionary, it will be hardly needed... think about some less known title that needs to be fixed, or even a famous one which is not fixed yet - there are many around...
  • uncommon titles - some obscure, forgotten one; an old b&w masterpiece, that Hong Kong flick that nobody knows, but also a mainstream title who nobody thinks it needs a fix
  • not only movies - why don't restore an animated feature, a concert, a documentary, a TV series? Or compile a brand new bonus disc, with all those extra material like interviews, behind the scenes, documentaries etc? Or just clean that old scanned trailer full of scratches?
  • extended edition - it's common practice to add deleted/extended scenes as bonus material in the released media; why don't put them back in the movie?
  • theatrical cut - or, there is some rare cases where the only HD version is the extended one; it's good to have this, because we all love to watch more, but to me, it's mandatory to offer also the theatrical cut
  • original cut - George Lucas docet... do you need more explanations? Apart extensive reconstruction made to such movies, often just few scenes must be replaced to restore an original cut
  • film scan - let's face it, this is a great option, even if it's an hard (and expensive) task to buy and scan a film, and to restore its colors, clean the dust, scratches etc.
  • added footage - for your light fan edit, you could think to replace some shots with a different take, or a shot taken from a documentary, trailer and so on...
  • open matte - yes, we all know that a movie *should* be watched in its original aspect ratio; but sometimes, there are some open matte versions that really deserves to be preserved!
  • color grading - often the new HD versions have revised color palettes, usually the well-knows "teal & orange"; but if the theatrical colors were different, it's a good idea to try to restore them, in particular if you have a color reference like previously released SD media or film cells
  • logo free - tough task, if you haven't two different versions with logo placed in different corners...
  • no HD releases - there are so many great HDTV broadcast recordings out there, that could be used as "HD master" for a project...
  • upscale 720p - a simple task, that could lead to perfect results if well done, way better than any real time upscaling
  • upscale SD - but, if there is no HD availble source, this is a viable option; a well done upscale - better using a good SD source, and combine two or more if possible - could outperform any simple upscaling done in real time by an hardware or software player, or display
  • proper speed - what if the only available HD version has 25fps? Simple, remux it to 24fps (or 23.976fps) to restore the original theatrical version - don't forget to convert the audio, too!
  • inverse telecine - convert back to film the 29.97fps material, to avoid judder and spare some bits - do not forget to NOT touch the audio, though!
  • grain plate - the noise reduction applied from the studio removed all the grain? Fear not, just add a real 35mm film grain plate, and the video will look better
  • colorize a B&W film - ethically, I don't want to pronounce; technically, it's the most hard work possible... as there are not good automatic colorize method (yet), it should be done by hand... good luck!
  • original audio track - often the audio mix is revised, too; the old laserdiscs, DVDs and even VHS tapes could be a treasure for the original mix present in them. Do not exclude the DTS Cinema tracks, too!
  • multiple audio tracks - if there are several interesting options, we could add'em all! Also, multi language projects are cool!
  • subtitle track - sometimes there is no subtitle tracks at all, or it need a fix
  • literal subtitle - taken from CC or transcripted from the dialog, great for the hearing impaired or not native speaker who wants/needs to understand perfectly the dialog, word by word
  • multiple subtitles - each sub track takes so little space, so it will be great to add some extra language subs
I have surely forgotten some interesting ones, but I rely on your help.

Also, if you want to have some fun, why don't you follow some of the tips contained here?
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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