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provisional fan project list - HELP NEEDED!

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I'm compiling another master list; this time, of course, is about fan projects - restorations, preservations, fan edits and so on... so far, it has more than 1700(!) entries, but not so much from here... I thought to add also work in progress (WIP) and ideas for new projects...

I KNOW (yes, I KNOW! Big Grin ) you have a lot of unfinished, half baked, barely started projects in your hard disks, yes, like me... fear not, disclose every project (just complete ones, no audio-only or trailers for the moment) you have, waiting to be completed, or just an idea in your mind...

List of released, in progress (WIP), psudo-abandoned but still into our mind (TBA), or just plain idea (IDEA) projects:

20,000 thousands leagues under the sea            20,000 thousands leagues under the sea - HDTV restoration    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
2001: A Space Odyssey            2001: A Space Odyssey (BD ColourMatch the LD or DVD + LD soundtracks)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
A Nightmare on Elm Street     (1984)        A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) (BD ColourMatch the LD or DVD + LD soundtracks)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Abyss, The, The (extended edition)            The Abyss (extended edition) - HDTV restoration, using several editions    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Alamo, The (Director's Cut)            The Alamo: Director's Cut [Ld Sourced + Extras]    RELEASED    Elmo Oxygen    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-927.html
Alien            Alien DVHS Preservation Project    WIP    Jetrell Fo    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-587.html
Alien            Alien Regrade (Fox THX Laserdisc)    RELEASED    PDB    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-19.html
Alien (Director’s Cut)            Alien (Director’s Cut – D-Theater + LD soundtracks)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Alien (Theatrical Cut)            Alien (Theatrical Cut – BD ColourMatch the LD or DVD + 70mm AC3 soundtrack)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Alien 3            Alien 3: The Reconstituted Workprint    RELEASED    Valeyard    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1254.html
Alien: Resurrection (Special Edition)            Alien: Resurrection (Variable Aspect Ratio: HDTV open matte & BD letterbox + LD DTS track & BD tracks)    IDEA                
Alien: Resurrection (Theatrical Cut)            Alien: Resurrection (HDTV open matte + LD DTS track)    TBA                
Aliens            Aliens TV Cut and Regrade (Fox THX Laserdisc)    WIP    PDB    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-43.html
Aliens (Special Edition)            A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) (BD ColourMatch the LD or DVD + LD soundtracks)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem (Unrated)            Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem (Unrated) [spoRv] - brightness restoration, two wrong shots fixed    2014-04-01    spoRv    Restoration        http://blog.sporv.com/aliens-vs-predator-requiem-unrated-sporv
Armour of God            Armour of God HD-SD Hybrid    WIP    IcePrick    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-106.html
Arrival, The            The Arrival – BD video with correct contrast & grain plate applied + LD soundtracks    RELEASED    spoRv    Restoration        http://blog.sporv.com/the-arrival-sporv/
Arrival, The            The Arrival – Open Matte DVD upscale    TBA    spoRv    Preservation        
Back to the Future            Back To The Future - To Be Continued Edition    WIP    ilovewaterslides    FanFix        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-988.html
Back to the Future            Back To The Future - Open Matte (Upscale Project)    RELEASED    PDB    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-971.html
Back To The Future            Back to the Future (DCP video + LD soundtracks)    IDEA    spoRv    Remux        
Back to the Future franchise            BTTF Trilogy Open-Matte    IDEA    FrankT    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-679.html
Batman Forever            Batman Forever: The Virtual Workprint    RELEASED    Bad_Replicant    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-539.html
Beauty and the Beast     (1991)        Disney’s Beauty and the Beast [spoRv] - laserdisc preservation    RELEASED    spoRv    Preservation        http://blog.sporv.com/disneys-beauty-and-the-beast-sporv
Bicentennial Man            Bicentennial Man    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-94.html
Big Blue, The (US Theatrical Cut)            The Big Blue - US Theatrical Cut    IDEA    Bigrob    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1193.html
Black Cauldron, The            The Black Cauldron - HDTV restoration    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Blade Runner            Blade Runner Regrade (Criterion Collection Laserdisc)    RELEASED    PDB    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-226.html
Brother    (1997)        Brother (1997) - Custom Bluray with actual HD print    WIP    Colek    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-513.html
Bullet in the Head            Bullet in the Head – Upscale + Uncut reconstruction    WIP    IcePrick    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1236.html
Children of the Corn (Director's Cut)    (1984)        Children of the Corn (1984) Directors Cut        X5gb    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-417.html
Chronicles of Riddick, The            The Chronicles of Riddick Extended variable aspect ratio (HDTV open matte for TC + HD-DVD letterbox for missing scenes)    IDEA    spoRv    Extended Edition        
Chronicles of Riddick, The (Theatrical Cut)            The Chronicles of Riddick TC (HDTV open matte)    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Dark Knight franchise            The Dark Knight Trilogy - Theatrical Preservations    WIP    CSchmidlapp    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-56.html
Devil's Advocate, The            The Devil's Advocate "Uncensored" Edition + Extended Edition 1080p BD project    WIP    jerryshadoe    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1105.html
Do The Right Thing            Do The Right Thing - 'orange tint'    IDEA    alexpeden2000    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-129.html
Do The Right Thing            Do The Right Thing - regraded to Criterion dvd    RELEASED    alexpeden2000    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-765.html
Dracula     (1979)        Dracula (John Badham -1979) with original color        badflame    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-246.html
El Mariachi            El Mariachi. Original AR / Open-Matte    IDEA    CSchmidlapp    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1209.html
Escape From New York            Escape from New York [Evit]: US & Italian theatrical +german audio (fixing Shout)    WIP    Evit    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1001.html
Escape from New York            Escape From New York [spoRv] - HDTV + LD tracks    2014-01-21    spoRv    Restoration        http://blog.sporv.com/escape-from-new-york-sporv
Evil Dead, The            Evil Dead (BD ColourMatch the LD or DVD + LD soundtracks)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Evolution            Evolution - D-Theater restoration    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Father Christmas    (1991)        Father Christmas (1991) custom AVCHD    RELEASED    Chewtobacca    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1208.html
Ghost in the Shell            Ghost in the Shell - Ultimate Edition    IDEA    CSchmidlapp    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-86.html
Ghostbusters II             Ghostbusters 2 - HDTV restoration    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Gladiator (Theatrical Cut)            Gladiator (Theatrical Cut) – Open Matte    WIP    spoRv    Restoration        http://blog.sporv.com/gladiator-theatrical-cut-sporv
Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The            The Good, The Bad and The Ugly International Cut/US Theatrical Cut    RELEASED    PDB    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-706.html
Halloween            Halloween [spoRv] - BD regraded with DVD as reference, plus LD tracks    2013-12-03    spoRv    Restoration        http://blog.sporv.com/halloween-sporv/
Hellboy (Theatrical Cut)            Hellboy Theatrical Cut HD    IDEA    Booshman    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-87.html
Highlander (US Theatrical Cut)            Highlander US Theatrical Cut    IDEA    Booshman    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-88.html
Independence Day (Extended Edition)            Independence Day Extended Edition (BD + HDTV for extended scenes + LD soundtracks)    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade            Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (HDTV + LD sountracks)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom            Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom (HDTV + LD sountracks)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Island of Fire            Island of Fire - Complete Uncut Bluray    WIP    Colek    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-561.html
Journey into Fear    (1943)        Journey into Fear (1943): Restored Cut - BD25    RELEASED    The Aluminum Falcon    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1245.html
Jurassic Park            Jurassic Park [ruLes]    2013-05-06    spoRv    Preservation        http://originaltrilogy.com/forum/topic.cfm/Jurassic-Park-ruLes-10-BD-released/topic/15422
Killer, The            The Killer - Ultimate Edition    WIP    CSchmidlapp    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-61.html
Last of the Mohicans, The (Original Theatrical Cut)            The Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 - Shadoe    RELEASED    jerryshadoe    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-494.html
Lighthorsemen, The (Director's Cut)            The Lighthorsemen: Director's Cut [Laserdisc sourced + extras]    RELEASED    Elmo Oxygen    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-928.html
Lord of the Rings franchise            Lord of The Rings trilogy (Extended Edition – BD ColourMatch DVD + italian fixed audio tracks)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The            The Lost World: Jurassic Park [ruLes] – LD preservation    2013-06-23    spoRv    Preservation        http://originaltrilogy.com/forum/topic.cfm/The-Lost-World-Jurassic-Park-ruLes-BD-RELEASED/topic/15501
Mad Max 2 (aka Road Warrior)            Mad Max 2/Road Warrior Regrade (Warner 97 DVD/LD)    WIP    PDB    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-126.html
Mad Max 2 (aka Road Warrior)            Mad Max 2 (BD ColourMatch DVD or LD + LD soundtrack)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome            Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Regrade    IDEA    PDB    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-373.html
Mad Max: Fury Road            Mad Max: Fury Road - Black & Chrome recolored    IDEA    spoRv    FanFix        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1192.html
Matrix Reloaded, The            Matrix Reloaded - HDTV open matte    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Matrix Revolutions, The            Matrix Revolutions - HDTV open matte    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Matrix, The    (1999)        The Matrix [spoRv] - BD regraded with DVD as reference    2013-10-30    spoRv    Restoration        http://originaltrilogy.com/forum/topic.cfm/The-Matrix-spoRv-BD-25-RELEASED/topic/15832
Minority Report            Minority Report – BD regraded with DVD as reference    WIP    spoRv    Restoration        http://originaltrilogy.com/forum/topic.cfm/Minority-Report-spoRv/topic/16292
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol            Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (IMAX Version)    WIP    PDB    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-623.html
Morphine            Morphine - 1080p Bluray - TheRealThunderbolt    WIP    Colek    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-663.html
No Escape     (1994)        No Escape (1994) – HDTV    WIP    spoRv    Restoration        http://blog.sporv.com/no-escape-1994-sporv
Panic Room            Panic Room – HDTV open matte    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Peter Pan and the Pirates            Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates    WIP    jerryshadoe    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-764.html
Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night    (1987)        Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (1987) NTSC DVD9    RELEASED    jerryshadoe    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-258.html
Poltergeist (uncut)    (1982)        Poltergeist (1982) uncut        titanic    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-259.html
Psycho (Uncut)    (1960)        Psycho (1960): Uncut Version Reconstruction - BD25    RELEASED    The Aluminum Falcon    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1214.html
Qualcuno in ascolto (aka High frequency)     (1988)        Qualcuno in ascolto (High frequency) (1988)    WIP    spoRv    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-287.html
Raiders of the Lost Ark            Raiders of the Lost Ark - WOWOW-sourced custom BD    RELEASED    Chewtobacca    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-491.html
Raiders of the Lost Ark            Raiders Of The Lost Ark (HDTV + LD sountracks)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Ransom (extended cut)            Ransom (extended cut) – laserdisc preservation    IDEA    spoRv    Preservation        
Rear Window            Rear Window: HDTV-sourced custom BD (Harris Restoration)    RELEASED    Chewtobacca    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-528.html
Robin Hood (Theatrical Cut)            Robin Hood (Theatrical Cut – HDTV + LD soundtracks)    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-468.html
S1M0NE            S1M0NE - HDTV restoration    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Screamers            Screamers - HDTV restoration    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Sid & Nancy            Sid & Nancy [In]Complete Collection    RELEASED    Elmo Oxygen    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-801.html
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs            Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Regrade    WIP    FrankT    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-803.html
Snowman, The    (1982)        The Snowman (1982) custom AVCHD    RELEASED    Chewtobacca    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-682.html
Solaris    (2002)        Solaris - HDTV restoration    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Something Evil    (1972)        Something Evil (1972)    WIP    jerryshadoe    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-297.html
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country            Star Trek VI - HDTV-sourced custom BD (theatrical)    RELEASED    Chewtobacca    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-508.html
Star Wars: Episode II– Attack of the Clones    (2002)        Star Wars: Episode II- Attack of the Clones (2002): IMAX Cut Reconstruction    RELEASED    The Aluminum Falcon    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1243.html
Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope            Guerre Stellari [OUT] [ruLes] - Original Unaltered Trilogy    2013-03-22    spoRv    Preservation        http://originaltrilogy.com/forum/topic.cfm/GUERRE-STELLARI-OUT-ruLes-IT-A-NEW-HOPE-RELEASED/topic/15299
Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope            Star Wars: A New Hope [OUT] [ruLes] – Original Unaltered Trilogy    2013-02-28    spoRv    Preservation        http://originaltrilogy.com/forum/topic.cfm/Star-Wars-A-New-Hope-OUT-ruLes-20-AVCHD-BD-RELEASED/topic/15313
Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1997 Special Edition)            Star Wars: A New Hope [SET] [ruLes] - Special Edition Trilogy    2013-03-29    spoRv    Preservation        http://originaltrilogy.com/forum/topic.cfm/Star-Wars-A-New-Hope-SET-ruLes-10-AVCHD-BD-RELEASED/topic/15052
Superman III            Superman III recoloured    WIP    Booshman    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-936.html
Superman IV            Superman IV    IDEA    Booshman    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-290.html
Supernova     (2000)        Supernova (2000) [spoRv] - HDTV restoration    2014-05-05    spoRv    Restoration        http://blog.sporv.com/supernova-2000-sporv
Suspiria            Suspiria (BD ColourMatch the DVD or LD + LD soundtrack)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Sword In The Stone, The            The Sword In The Stone Open Matte Original Theatrical Mono 1963 Multiaudio Multisubs.    RELEASED    jerryshadoe    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-653.html
Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Theatrical Cut)            Terminator 2 (Theatrical Cut) Regrade    WIP    PDB    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-588.html
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines            Terminator 3 - HDTV open matte    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Thing, The    (1982)        The Thing [spoRv] v2.0 (using new remastered BD)    WIP    spoRv    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1109.html
Thing, The     (1982)        The Thing (1982) [spoRv] - BD regraded with LD as reference, plus LD tracks    2013-08-19    spoRv    Restoration        http://originaltrilogy.com/forum/topic.cfm/The-Thing-1982-spoRv-BD-25-RELEASED/topic/15723
Time Machine, The            The Time Machine - D-Theater restoration    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Top Gun            Top Gun – Open-matte / 1080p / Multiaudio-multisubs / BD project    WIP    jerryshadoe    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-496.html
Total Recall            Total Recall: custom BD    RELEASED    Chewtobacca    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-989.html
Total Recall    (1990)        Total Recall (Mind Bending BD ColourMatch DVD or LD + LD soundtrack)    IDEA    spoRv    Restoration        
Trainspotting            Trainspotting: Uncensored    RELEASED    The Aluminum Falcon    Reconstruction        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1011.html
Transformers: The Movie    (1986)        Transformers: The Movie (1986) Custom BD    RELEASED    Chewtobacca    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1127.html
Troy (Theatrical Cut)    (2004)        Troy (2004) Open Matte (Theatrical Cut)    RELEASED    Chewtobacca    Preservation        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1203.html
True Lies            True Lies – HDTV open matte    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
True Lies            True Lies (D-Theater + LD soundtracks)    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Village, The            The Village - HDTV restoration    TBA    spoRv    Restoration        
Walking Dead, The            We Are The Walking Dead (Mini-Series) FANedit    WIP    jerryshadoe    FanMix        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-95.html
Warriors, The (Theatrical Cut)            The Warriors Theatrical    IDEA    alexpeden2000    Restoration        https://forum.fanres.com/thread-790.html
Waterworld            Waterworld - HD-DVD video regraded, plus LD tracks    WIP    spoRv    Restoration        http://blog.sporv.com/waterworld-sporv/
Waterworld (Extended Edition)            Waterworld (extended cut) - HD-DVD + upscaled DVD    TBA    spoRv    Restoration

(it will show right if you copy&paste into your spreadsheet)

Write down your idea and almost-dead-but-still-a-bit-alive projects, it's time! Big Grin
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
Sorry for being a pest, spoRv. Is there a different formatting possible for this? Its difficult to read.

I have a ton of projects in the wait but anything WIP is on fanres...so far.
It's just a copy&paste from my spreadsheet... I know it's not easily readable - hence the "provisional" list Big Grin

Final one will be well formatted, as the others.

So, you are saying that you haven't any almost-forgotten-half-made-thought-to-abandon-but-still-reside-in-some-remote-folder project?!?
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
Perhaps I missed it in your list above, but there was also a BD done by TeamBlu of The Terminator (original).
nafroe, this is just a list of projects originated here on FanRes (maybe some made by me and published only/also on originaltrilogy); the final list has around 1700 entries, more than 1000 from fanedit.org, and 200 from OT.

Going to refine it, and then post it on my blog - again, sadly there is a space limitation here, as for every forum, and also because it's easier to mantain just one list in one place, instead of several scattered around the web! Big Grin

Stay tuned!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
Certainly makes a lot of sense... Thanks for the info, spoRv!
That list is a pain to read, but a good ideaOk

Maybe it should be reformattedWink
Final list is here: http://blog.sporv.com/fan-edits-master-list
...and is quite easy to read this time, isn't it? Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
Also I'm not currently working on a Thunderdome project so you can take that one off the list.

Valeyard saw a 35mm print and said the BD was much close then the DVD and although there are things to fix and having it as a companion piece to my MM2 regrade would be nice, its not going to happen. At least no time soon.
Yes, the one on your blog is very easy to readWink

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