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Bit perfect or bust?

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I'm awful tempted to get me another laserdisc player for audio rips but in the UK it seems getting one with PCM spdif (for a reasonable price) is a tall order. Should I be patient and wait for something to show up or just settle for analogue (ie L/R stereo rca) outputs? I know you used to be able to add a digital out via a mod but that might be above my pay grade.
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My opinion.....I'd say bit-perfect. I mean analog is fine for newer discs, post CX but PCM still sounds noticeable better to my ears.

Would it be cheaper to import a playerfrom the US?
Perhaps, certainly players are more abundant in the USA but the shipping might be difficult, plus they are big and damage easy. Also US models will almost certainly be NTSC only whereas European models have PAL/NTSC.
I should also clarify: by analogue I meant using the L/R rca stereo outputs as opposed to spdif. Obviously the PCM tracks could be captured this way after going through the player's DAC, so not bit perfect. My last player only had rca outs but to me it sounded stunning! CDs sounded great too.
Digital out, period. AC3 too, is better. CLD-D925 is your ideal player. Then you could capture analog, PCM, DTS and, with an external decoder, AC3 (bit-perfect as well!)
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Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a bargain
I've had a player damaged in transit myself and share your reservations about shipping one internationally. In fact, for that very reason, I drove a fair way in order to collect my player and transport it myself.
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Yes, it happens often... by the way, the Pioneer CLD-515 could be a good candidate, and should cost less; also, take an eye on Denon; difficult to spot, but it's just a rebadeged Pioneer!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I think the 515 has no PCM digital out, only AC3. It's still a big 'if' whether I do get a LD player, it would be cool but I have enough to keep me busy as is.
Yep, you are right... strange, AC-3 present and PCM absent... weird, not strange, as all others players with AC-3 output have also PCM one AFAIK!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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For some reason only the 925 got both digital outs. Apparently there is a mod which can be carried out to add the spdif output, it depends on whether the parts are still available. I have done some electronic mods before, I region hacked a blu ray player, so who knows, it's an possibility...

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