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Star Wars laserdisc preservations
I will be updating this first post sporadically as I finish these projects.

[Image: vldtrilogyseus1997front.jpg][Image: 07519.jpg]
[Image: 36787.jpg][Image: 00873.jpg][Image: 00874.jpg]

[Image: 00897.jpg][Image: 00896.jpg][Image: 10637.jpg]

[Image: 00046.jpg]
[Image: 11017.jpg][Image: 12943.jpg][Image: 11018.jpg]

[Image: 31358.jpg][Image: 35598.jpg]
[Image: 31018.jpg][Image: 30233.jpg][Image: 31020.jpg]

[Image: 36798.jpg][Image: 36799.jpg][Image: 35197.jpg]

[Image: vldtrilogyboxspainfront.jpg]
Thanks given by: spoRv , MrBrown , PDB , CourtlyHades296 , TomArrow , Serums , FiLL_Whil
Amazing work. I'd like to see the UK Original Trilogy LDs next.
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Have you completed the restoration of the US laser Discs as I'd really love to see them. Sadly at this point I'm not allowed to PM you hopefully that'll change in the near future. As a matter of interest are they Pan & Scan or Widescreen.
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There are Pan and Scan OUT, Wide OUT and Wide SE US LDs archived.
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The UK discs are almost entirely rotted and this is the second batch I've tracked down so I don't think I will pursue them further.
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It would be a good idea to preserve the 1991 FOX Video Japanese Pan & Scan Trilogy, which has digital sound versions of the 35mm Stereo Mixes.

P.S. You never got around to preserving more than the Episode II preview from the Japanese 2000 SE CLV
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Download schorman's laserdisc audio archive. It has all that stuff. I probably won't get around to the Japanese 2000 SE unless somebody sends me a domesday duplicator board for free Smile.
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The 1991 Japanese FOX Video is still worth preserving for what may be more accurate Japanese subtitles than Project Threepio's word-for-word copy of the GOUT.

Also, the 2000 Japanese SE fixes the slight cropping from the 97SE LD, and has the full 2.35:1 image.
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The jsc has Japanese subtitles as well.

Regarding further preservations, I'll perhaps continue if a domesday duplicator magically appears on my doorstep. Otherwise, I'm way more interested in the film projects going on.
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If you're not willing to preserve the UK OUT LD's, I think Harmy might like having the UK Pan and Scan Laserdiscs as a wall decoration.
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