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Color matching - some considerations
Dre, I've read what you're doing about Machine Learning and... WOW! I'm amazed!!! Ok
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Thanks!!! Smile
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(2017-01-26, 03:02 PM)spoRv Wrote: Merge chroma

This is the best way to achieve (almost) perfect results; just align spatially and temporally the two sources, use the luma of the first source and chroma of the second (reference) source.

Pros: colors are not simply matched, but they are the original ones!
Cons: often the two sources don't match; spatially, they could have different sizes, different framing, rotated and/or distorted image; temporally, if there are some frames missing from the reference, it will be obviously impossible to match those frames. Also, the luma of the two sources could differ greatly in contrast, brightness, gamma, and could lead to wildly different final color appareance.

Hi spoRv,

I'm deeply interested in this "Merge Chroma" thing, as I have 2 perfectly (and manually) aligned sources (one from NTSC LD+PAL broadcasts "PaNuped" with the right colors, the other from an HDTV source but with bad red-shifted colors).
Could you please explain a little bit more how to use luma from one source and chroma from another ? Is it possible with yuv420p sources ?

Thank you very much, and thank you for this wonderful forum!
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^ MergeChroma()
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(2017-08-26, 11:52 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote: ^ MergeChroma()

Thank you!
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