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Looking for the "right" Alien Resurrection color grading...
It seems there is some interest in this topic, so I thought to start a proper thread; the first posts are moved from other threads, to be perfectly on topic - sorry for that, posters, but I think it's better to gather them in one place.

Everything started around this, more or less:

(2017-01-16, 06:26 PM)spoRv Wrote: Don't know... as Alien Resurrection LD supposedly used the silver retention print master, maybe it could be the same for X files.

(2017-01-17, 03:35 AM)PDB Wrote: I got a question on that. Does your LD look different then the BD, spoRv? Everyone says the LD is taken from a silver print so I got a cap from Jonno to see if it was worth a regrade project. And beside being brighter because of the IRE difference, it looked basically the same as the BD. Not enough to get excited about.

(2017-01-17, 09:20 PM)spoRv Wrote: Alien Resurrection: yesterday (actually, this night) I briefly compared it on LD, DVD, BD, HDTV: the last three share the same color grading, while the LD seems very similar, but a bit brighter... so, I'm pretty sure its master was not made using an ACE print...
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Ah so it's not just me. Thanks spoRv
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Mike, I can't be sure, and I'm not an expert, but, according to what Fight Club is (watched few days ago, and I can be pretty sure that TV broadcast used the silver retention master), in particular for inkier blacks and contrast, and dull colors, I *can try* to say that Alien Resurrection on BD, DVD and HDTV (and probably LD, too), *could* have used a silver retention print for the master; this is also after i watched yesterday (or the day before) Alien 3, which is not minimally close, talking about blacks and contrast in general, while colors were almost as dull, apart the scenes with fire and furnace.
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The BD and DVD 100% do not, the LD was struck from a SR master tho
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So, maybe they regraded them using a silver retention print as reference... it happens they make something right, sometimes! Smile
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(2017-01-29, 02:52 PM)spoRv Wrote: So, maybe they regraded them using a silver retention print as reference... it happens they make something right, sometimes! Smile

The colour is miles off on the digital formats, they are 100% not correct
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I can't think about different gradings... laserdisc is really close, don't know VHS, though.
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Yeah spoRv and I had this conversation here

the LD I saw was just brighter but looked the same as the DVDs and BD. What LD are you looking at Mike, can you capture it?
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The THX laser, the colour of the water is not the same and that's one of many differences
Home cinema choice in the UK in their review of the BD agree its not a SR master.

Not wanting to start an argument more so as it's 2 against 1
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Mike, no problems! First of all, this is a forum, so we are here to discuss, to exchange ideas, opinions, and we could agree, or agree to disagree! Big Grin And, the topic is really interesting; I just moved the posts here, that seems the right place; now, let's fight! Wink

From the page you linked before:
Quote:However, like all previous home versions, it doesn’t accurately reflect the CCE silver retention process used for the theatrical prints.
so, if we should take for granted the BD has not used the SR process, the same could be thought for LD, right?

But, tell me more about the color of the water; what is it in the LD, and in the BD? OK, now I must take a look at them (again!); as I wrote before, I must admit I haven't captured the laserdisc, but just made a quick comparison between different sources in my HDTV, so it *may* have a different grading; PDB, have you a capture available?

Last thing: I used the DTS version, I think the non-DTS one should have the same video, and color grading, but, who knows?
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