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We can't actually produce Blu-Rays
The version won't matter.
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(2017-02-04, 06:04 PM)Evit Wrote: I have done the following:
- in Encore I made a simple structure (only film, audio tracks, 1 sub to test and random chapters that I added on the timeline) and exported it as Blu-Ray folder.
- In the chapter section on tsMuxer I left them every 5 minutes, automatically assigned.
I just did an audio replacement on my Superman 3 disc with an updated asset. I noticed that the chapter marks I input in Encore were all present in the chapters box in TSmuxer. So if you do it right, there'll be no need for the 5 minute auto assignment.
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Those who don't really have any money to burn... may I suggest Blu-Disc Studio Lite? I've not used it yet, but from what I understand it's pretty damn good for freeware. Of course, the full version comes with a price... but for beginners, I believe Blu-Disc Studio Lite will do just fine.
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