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Alien 3 Workprint Cut Restoration
(2017-09-15, 01:10 PM)xxstadtkindxx Wrote:
(2017-09-13, 03:16 PM)Jetrell Fo Wrote: Maybe finding a way to contribute to the community instead of just coming here for stuff you want would be more helpful.


maybe you should just be a little more open! What can I contribute when I'm not even able to remove a DTS sound? I have other strengths, maybe you need help with your surround system? If you want to stay among you then close the forum, and make the membership only on invitation.

For me, Alien is the biggest movie collection, so i think is normal to ask if this here is still on live, hope to see some new Frames from a movie with a disastrous working process. yeah i am a big Fan boy, deal with it! Alien 3 is for me the best Movie of the Serie, is has the best Visualization, best Score, best mood, and for all the Franchises ho has a thrid movie is this the only one what is great This movie is so much underrated. for me only the Effekts from the alien are bad! Yeas all was Killed, but be serios, there was no space for a new "great" Story for all 3, after 3 Films and after 2 AVP evry story SUCKS, Prometheus is okay, but Covenant has Killed the Franchise

I Think PDB will understand it, you dont work on a movie when you not love it .- right =?

and as a big fan you wannt see and know all!

The concern was already addressed by PDB himself "big fan boy" .... in his response above. Had you introduced yourself first and tried lurking for a bit getting to know the place I wouldn't have mentioned it. As a member that has donated and provided resources for projects here I just get leery of folks that may not take the time to get to know folks before jumping right in for the goods. I hope you understand, it isn't personal, it's a community thing.


For new members: Please do not ask where to get something. Participate in the forum, talk to people, make friends. Then someone will help you find what you want.
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