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The "pink tint" problem

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Lately me and PDB talked about the "pink tint" problem (provisional name, until someone would bring up a better one!); so, without further ado, let's talk about


What is it?
It was noted that some releases, often from 1990s and 2000s, present a pink blanket that was not obviously present in the theatrical version.

Why does it happen?
It is still not clear if it was a problem arised during the telecine tranfer, a byproduct of color regrading process, due maybe to get natural skin tones always, even when it's not the case, or something else... who knows? Do you know it? Please post a comment!
Which titles are affected?
At the present, it seems any title could be affected.

How can I find if a title is affected?
Sometimes is so clear you have not to look for, you will be able to say that a given title has the pink tint problem few minutes after you start to watch it... but it's not always the case; as our brain is a great tool, we adapt what we watch to "balance" the wrong colors, and we interpret them as right... that's why, often, you have watched a pink tint prolematic title without knowing it (me included!).

The most easy way to find it out is a direct comparison between different editions; in this case, usually it's quite easy to find it out. But it's always possible to desume it even without a direct comparison; just look for some clues:
  • bright lights: flashes, explosions, fire, flames, spaceship engines; if not directly pink, you can spot it in the halos
  • bright objects: white walls, that's the best choice... but also water, that, instead of blue, cyan, green, it could have a magenta, violet color; sky as well, could be violet instead blue
  • too natural skin tones: even when they should not have natural color (the one you can get in a bright sunny day), in the pink tint titles often they have it... or, at least, they seems more natural than what it should be... a face under a blue light should have a colder tone, why a face in front of a torch should have a warmer one; instead, in a pink tinted title often they look natural under both circumstances
Usually the problem is extended to the whole movie, but sometimes is confined only in selected shots, scenes, or film rolls.

How can I get rid of it?
You can always get another edition - if it exists, or make a color correction to remove or reduce it; probably there is also a good method to fix it "on the fly" using your display/player saturation/tint/brightness/contrast/gamma/color levels settings.

Can you list some titles?
The following is a short list just to get an idea of what a pink tint problem could appear; few notable titles could be added in the future, if someone would like to note them in the comments.

Star Wars trilogy GOUT DVD/HDTV
Star Wars trilogy 2004 DVD/HDTV (less severe than GOUT)
Star Wars trilogy preque DVD/HDTV(low)
Star Wars trilogy 1997 G'Kar and TB DVB (higher in Mos Eisley)
Alien 3 DVD/BD box sets (low)
Alien Resurrection DVD/BD box sets (mild)
Event Horizon BD/DVD SE (mild)

waiting for your feedbacks!
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