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[proposal] Do The Right Thing - 'orange tint'
This is a bit of a strange one, normally we're complaining about tints being added to old movies on here. With Do The Right Thing the opposite happened on the blu-ray release:

I always really liked the striking orange colour of this film and think it was a big part of the feel of the movie so my question is; would it be possible for someone (I would if I knew what I was doing!) to add an orange tint to the blu-ray to recreate the original look? Alternatively if there are any HDTV rips with the orange look I'd be greatful if someone could point me in the right direction. Many thanks!
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Despite the fact that the new BD, watched "alone", with no comparison to the Criterion DVD, has a natural color grading, I agree that should not be what the director intended... the DVD, with its hot grading, is perfect to rapresent the hottest day of the year... if only I had some spare time! Wink

Hope someone will take time to do this restoration!
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Another film is revised Lucas like on Blu -- what a travesty!
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If I was to give this a go what would people suggest as the best method? Bare in mind I'm a beginner!
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If you have A LOT of time, and patience (for the last thing, I'm pretty sure you have it!), the best results could be obtained to color grading each scene (or each shot); only with this method, you could be sure to have a near 100% match; at the contrary, if you want to have a color grading that "resemble" the one of the DVD, you could apply a general setting for the whole movie first, then check if there are scenes (shots) which are way too off, and then apply different settings for them... not a perfect method, but with a bit of luck, you could reach very good results, sometimes not too distant from the previous method.

Out of curiosity, what software would you use? I use Avisynth but, if you have to start from scratch, I strongly reccomend to NOT use it, as it's really difficult to learn and use for a novice - and still it is, sometimes, even if I'm using it for years; you could use that time to master a newer software, like Davinci Resolve...
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(2015-03-12, 04:39 PM)spoRv Wrote: Out of curiosity, what software would you use?

I think I'd try a general regrade to start with and see how it goes. I have had a look at Avisynth before and to be honest its too complicated for me. I think I'd need something with a GUI that was fairly beginner-friendly. I will have a look at DaVinci Resolve, what about Adobe's products? I did a quick google search and 'SpeedGrade' came up - has anyone on here used that before?

I have the Criterion DVD to use to match the blu-ray to so whichever program lets me do that most simply will probably be the way to go.

Thanks for all the advice!
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Has anyone got any advice on what program to try first for this project please?
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Davinci Resolve is free now; you should try it, and let us know what do you think!
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Ok so it turns out my in built graphics card is no good for DaVinci or Adobe Speedgrade. Is there any regrade software I could get that will work with Intel HD Graphics? I'd like to give it a try first and then think about upgrading my graphics card if it goes well...
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AviSynth should do, but again, it's really difficult to use...

Give VirtualDub a try; it has a lot of free plugins, some of them gives you the ability to regrade... it should work!
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