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[help needed] The Arrival [spoRv] Bonus Disc
Dear friends,
I'm going to work on my first bonus disc project; I've just released The Arrival [spoRv] (movie only), so a companion bonus disc seems a very good idea; think that, apart a very rare German DVD that includes few extra material, no other version has extras, excluding a mere trailer... well, this is the thread of the Bonus Disc (work in progress):

Here you are the contents ready to be translated, with the needed languages (updated: 2015-06-04 15:40 CET)

  • the making of - 21m42s
English dialog transcription:
French, German, Italian, Spanish subs ready.
  • promo reel - 3m46s
English dialog transcription:
French, Germans, Spanish subs ready; Italian subs in progress.
  • interviews - 6m08s
English dialog transcription:
Germans subs ready; Italian, French and Spanish subs in progress
  • B-roll - 5m17s
English dialog transcription done (to be checked and put in sync)
Italian, French, German and Spanish subs will be done when transcription will be available
  • featurette - 7m17s
English dialog transcription done (to be checked and put in sync)
Germans subs ready; Italian, French and Spanish subs will be done when transcription will be available
  • documentary - 27m
English dialog transcription HALF done (to be checked and put in sync)
Italian, French, German and Spanish subs will be done when transcription will be available
  • alternate ending - 3m
English dialog transcription needed; Italian, French, German and Spanish subs will be done when transcription will be available


English, French, German and Spanish subs for the movie - needed for the replacements: [url=][/url]!L1liAT7K!aZkOSlNkW8...47LRShrv24

The actual "team" is composed by:
thegroovologist - German translations, English transcription
allegedly - English transcription from dialog, and SRT sync
jedeitor - Spanish translations
Bewy - French translations
myself - Italian translations

If you need further info, or want to share work progress, don't hesitate to post in this thread.
Thanks given by:
WOW! This is fantastic AndreaBig Grin

You are putting more effort into this than the studio and even though I am not a huge fan of the movie (NOT saying it's a bad film) and, even though I am working on a couple rather larger projects myself; I would be happy to help you out with some of the English transcribing. Depending on how fast you want this done, I could possibly even be able to help you with all of the English transcribing, as I still have a LOT of audio encoding ahead of me on my TWD project and could probably do the subtitles on my wife's computer while I'm waiting for that to finish Wink

PM me some details and let's figure this out...
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That's great, Jerry, thank you!

Even if I agree The Arrival is not a masterpiece, it's still a pity there are many worst movies around full of extras... this evening I managed to improve the quality of the Making Of: it is an old VHS full of dropouts, but luckily this tape was probably meant to be shown in video stores, so it has four time the same material recorded... I applied a median, tweaked a bit the colors - to be similar to German DVD extras (they share few same exerpts), deblocked, denoised etc. and now the final result it's quite good, considering it's just a VHS!

Going to pm you right now!
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I wouldn't mind helping out. But are we just supposed to transcribe it or make the SRT's? I'm familiar with VisualSubSync, so it's not an issue.
Thanks given by:
allegedly, it will be great, too! What's about sharing the tasks between you and Jerry? Making the SRT will be perfect!!!
Thanks given by:
Sounds good, please let me know the details.
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The fact that allegedly is offering to make proper SRT subtitles is awesomeBig Grin

Andrea, my computer has some damn virus after I was checking out some "new" bluray authoring applications. NO, I didn't download some pirated copy of "paid software" and got a virus, but instead, I was trying to test some Chinese-made application that I found on the internet and it turned out to be a damn scam. Now my anti-virus and anti-malware apps are both "blocked" and not running properly, so I am having to use TrendMicro HouseCall, but the process to scan my entire system is already taking 34 hours and is only at 61% (!!!)

I am still happy to help you out, I just don't know how quickly you need this transcribed. If you are willing to wait until my computer is fully operational (as nearly everything works right now, but kinda slowly because of the scan) and I finish up some of the audio editing, I can still help you.

Or allegedly could start on some of it now and I'll help finish it all up as soon as my computer is ok again?

Let me know what works for you guysWink
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Yeah that works, I'll start on the making of and the promo reel, just PM me the download links.

How long is the documentary btw?
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PM sent. Documentary from laserdisc has still to be captured... other material available right now:

promo reel - 3m
making of - 22m
interviews - 6m
behind the scene 1 - 5m
behind the scene 2 - 7m
commentary - 115m (also included in the movie)
Thanks given by:
allegedly worked on the making of; very fast, I should add... kudos!
I'll post transcription updates in this thread; still needing translators for French, German and Spanish.
Thanks given by:

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