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Is it possible to restore Conan The Barbarian US Theatrical Cut?
The Widescreen LaserDisc and the very first DVD for the movie contain the original theatrical cut. Since none of the Blu-rays contain this version, I was wondering if this version can be restored using the US Blu-ray and the French Blu-ray, with the audio from US WS LD?

Since I don't have the LD, nor the 1st DVD release, I can't check this myself. But maybe someone has either and can provide them.

Thanks in advance Smile
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Isn't this a Team Blu project?
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
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I don't know if they ever worked on it. Since I just watched the movie today, this project crossed my mind. hence the request Smile


Yes, they did and heck, I even have their BD on my harddrive. But it looks like in one scene they didn't use the US BD. I just checked it.
The scene that I know was from the theatrical cut is when Conan just burned his wife and the princess yells at him. Then a fade from Conan sitting to Conan prepping for the battle begins. On TeamBlu's version the video slows down and a cut happens. This was probably due to lack of source for it to make properly.

Sooooo my request still stands, but for an updated version Smile
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Free 35mm print! posted in 2012.
I have an original Scope print of Conan that I'm making available for only the price of shipping.
7 Reels long so will be two shipping boxes and the original print is on mono sound.
The print for the most part is on Eastman so is beet red...
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I really doubt it's still available after 8 years, but it's worth a request I guess.
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