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x264: 32bit or 64bit?
I tried the last and the one before the last, no way to let it work... I'm tired, and lazy, so I downloaded the Simple x264 Launcher, using the "usual" parameters. Encoding right now; indexing is fast - indeed, it seems too fast... Big Grin - second pass is lightning fast as well, around 23fps where I was around 1fps and something on the old PC, hence 15, 20 times faster now...

What can I say? I'm happy! Happy
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That is a significant increase in speed Andrea. I'm happy for you too Wink Big Grin
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Yep, a definitive quantum leap! Big Grin

x264 64bit is slightly faster than 32bit, but not that much; I noted that, with a two pass encoding, it takes around 3 times the clip lenght, so for The Thing (109min) it took around 6 hours. Not bad, considering it would take two days (and more) with the old PC!!!

Now, time to upgrade to a new internet connection - fiber, here I come! Ok
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(2017-02-22, 11:40 AM)spoRv Wrote: Well, I use Simple x264 Launcher every time, apart for final official release;

What do you use for final official release?
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(2017-02-22, 09:38 AM)Valeyard Wrote: This is why I keep saying use Simple x264 Launcher - it will use the x64 version of x264 with the x86 version of Avisynth. It uses avs2yuv as the frameserver. To do it on the command-line you need to pipe the output using pipebuf or similar.

Can you give me a cli example of this? I use avs2yuv without pipebuf and it works pretty well but maybe pipebuf works better?

Here's an example of how I would do it only using avs2yuv:

avs2yuv -raw -o - "input.avs" | x264_64 --input-res 720x480 --fps 24000/1001 --preset=veryslow --crf 14 --ref 3 --bframes 2 --tune film --keyint 250 --sar 40:33 --colorprim "smpte170m" --transfer "smpte170m" --colormatrix "smpte170m" --stats ".stats" --output "output.mkv" -

If simple x264 launcher works as well as you say I might switch over to it. Thanks for the tip!
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