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Dracula: Dead and Loving It

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Just finished to watch it. Ain't no Young Frankenstein for sure. But not bad at all, either. Mel Brooks did a nice comedy, with good acting, chose the right star for each role, with respectable special effects. Sure, it's not as funny as the previously mentioned film - that is a masterpiece IMHO - but he made me laugh some time, and smile a lot.

Luckily, it was a light comedy without bad words, and heavy sexual jokes, like the most part of the parodies of these days. All in all, a mild funny flick for the whole family.

No Blu-ray of this; even if it's just a comedy, it would be good to have it on a high definition format. There is a 720p HDTV verions, sadly it has corrupted frames and missing end credits, but could be used as source for an eventual project, along with laserdisc PCM - that "could" be better than 384kbps 2.0 DD track, but I can't be sure...
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Haven't seen this in years... I loved this film! Only have my old VHS copy of this one.... So I think that an eventual HD project for this film would be totally awesome.
Also possible an upscale of the open matte DVD; it's actually a full open matte; apart few shots which sides are more cropped, most of the film has a minimal side loss; but the DVD colors are very cold, so maybe the HDTV ones could be used instead, or maybe the right mix is the best option.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I haven't seen it in years but I loved this film (at least in its Italian dub) and I'm surprised to hear that there is no Blu-Ray of it. I always trust that they will eventually release it and I just need to be patient. Surely a 35mm print would be pretty cheap, I doubt there are many fans of the film around to make the price levitate
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Yesterday I watched it in English, but today I picked up a scene ("last word") in Italian, and undoubtly this is my favourite version; yes, some dubbers has the "wrong" voice, but others are superior to their original voice owners! Big Grin
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Wait there is an open matted Version of that piece of comedy gem?
Why wasn't I told?

Oh yeah, I remember...

I really like the German dubbing more than the original audio. I think because it is harder to catch jokes in a different language, while with some humor there are much things to know in a language to get it correct and funny...
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Now this is well off topic but in general the Italian dubbing of Mel Brooks' films always shined for the quality acting of our dubbers who at the time were all stage actors and could give very comical interpretations to the whole cast, something that parody films like Brooks' ones always benefited from.
This is not just the opinion of an Italian speaking of a product of his own country (I have a blog about dubbing where I'm actually very critical about the topic, when I need to be at least) but it's something that my British girlfriend always brings up. She never found Brooks' parodies too funny besides the all-time classic Young Frankenstein and she rediscovered and appreciated his minor ones with the Italian dub (how odd is that!)

Anyway, I say a cheap 35mm could be worth tracking down.
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Two years in and still no Dracula Dead and lovin' it on Blu-Ray. It has appeared on streaming services, then surfaced as webdl (around 9 GB total size), it's a shame there that Warner won't spend pennies to print this film on a disc.

Furthermore I discovered that the US version is missing an extra gag and uses a different take in coach driver scene. The longer version (with the horses not moving) can be seen in the Italian cut. It's a little extra gag that is not on the HD version seen on iTunes, Amazon Prime or Netflix.


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Anyone has this film on VHS to see if the longer version exists elsewhere? Laserdisc perhaps? They seem particularly cheap even new
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Dracula: Dead and Loving It was a Castle Rock/Brooksfilms production that was handled by Columbia theatrically in the US (as part of their arrangement they had with Castle Rock) while various overseas distributors such as Polygram (UK) and Gaumont (who also co-financed the majority of Brook's other films in exhange for distribution in mainly France ). I imagine the UK VHS and region 2 DVDs would be your best bet for this version.

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