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Image enhancers (Vidicraft and others) ?

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I'm thinking about getting one of those video enhancers to re-captures a few LDs... but left wondering if, at this point, it would still be useful at all. Any advice ?
At that price, you should give it a try; at least, if not satisfied, you could always sell it at the same price.

I think a nice combination of hardware and software "enhancement" is a good compromise; take a look at this discussion: http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/18288...nd-Filters
Also, on LDDB, there is a thread about using DVD recorders as pass-through to improve video quality.
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As a former owner of the Vidicraft 2 and current owner of the model 3 I'd say they are not worth your time. The Vidis come from the old world of analog and there features are akin to the old TV setting on your CRT. So something like sharpen produces EE, colors can bloom, etc. They produce less acceptable results in today's HD world.

I bought the 2 and 3 years ago for the very same reasons; to enhance LD captures (to cap cards and DVD rec) but turned around a sold the 2 (kept the 3 for distribution). Not that they are bad but avisynth filters (or after effects) are going to give you much much better results, imo. Even simple color correction in Premiere, Vegas or the free Resolve is better.

But spoRv is right, they are cheap so its any easy experiment to get together if you want to try.

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