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The Dark Knight (Regrade and Imax Restoration)
(2018-02-25, 01:36 AM)spoRv Wrote: Papai, reading now on myspleen, comments you wrote in reply to your own torrent; so, are there HD clips of IMAX shots (1.44:1) of TDK and TDKR in a special edition trilogy on BD, right? If so, it would be possible to use them as main source, and upscaled DVD + BD auto.overlay'ed eventually for shots not present there; it this way, there could be possible to get the best possible quality for IMAX shots.

(2018-02-25, 03:00 AM)spoRv Wrote:
(2018-02-25, 01:44 AM)TomArrow Wrote: spoRv you silly man. Why not use the UHD? It has all IMAX shots as 16:9. Overlay those with the DVD? Wink

Because the IMAX shots at 16:9 = 1.78:1 are cropped, and the ones on BD *should be* at 1.44, hence original?!?

I'm an old dinosaur, with a small brain, but, as I'm a carnivore, not that silly! Tongue

Andrea, sorry for taking over four months to reply. Well yes, the ultimate trilogy collector's edition Blu-ray has all the major IMAX shots in 1.43:1 as special features. The single insert shots done on IMAX can only be sourced from the 4:3 DVD of TDK. There is no Full-Screen DVD of TDKR unfortunately. So, insert shots of Part 3 in full IMAX does not exist in public.
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