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The Dark Knight (Regrade and Imax Restoration)
(2018-02-25, 01:36 AM)spoRv Wrote: Papai, reading now on myspleen, comments you wrote in reply to your own torrent; so, are there HD clips of IMAX shots (1.44:1) of TDK and TDKR in a special edition trilogy on BD, right? If so, it would be possible to use them as main source, and upscaled DVD + BD auto.overlay'ed eventually for shots not present there; it this way, there could be possible to get the best possible quality for IMAX shots.

(2018-02-25, 03:00 AM)spoRv Wrote:
(2018-02-25, 01:44 AM)TomArrow Wrote: spoRv you silly man. Why not use the UHD? It has all IMAX shots as 16:9. Overlay those with the DVD? Wink

Because the IMAX shots at 16:9 = 1.78:1 are cropped, and the ones on BD *should be* at 1.44, hence original?!?

I'm an old dinosaur, with a small brain, but, as I'm a carnivore, not that silly! Tongue

Andrea, sorry for taking over four months to reply. Well yes, the ultimate trilogy collector's edition Blu-ray has all the major IMAX shots in 1.43:1 as special features. The single insert shots done on IMAX can only be sourced from the 4:3 DVD of TDK. There is no Full-Screen DVD of TDKR unfortunately. So, insert shots of Part 3 in full IMAX does not exist in public.
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Can i please have a download link, would be grateful
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Now that I see this after all this time, could someone share the 4:3 DVD with the full IMAX shots with me? I would like to try some new uspcaling methods.

Edit: As incredible as it sounds, I just found a new HDRip of Dark Knight on the Russian place that appears to have the fullscreen IMAX scenes in HD. Sadly the bitrate is extremely low, but maybe it could be used for something or maybe the original source can be found.
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(2019-08-16, 03:04 PM)Moiisty Wrote: Can i please have a download link, would be grateful
This is still on MySpleen if you have access
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