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Most accurate version of Scanners (1981)?

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I ask the experts around here, which version is best to buy between the UK (Second Sight) and the German (Subkultur) Blu-Ray releases of Scanners (1981). They both seem to have the same quality of details but different colors and brightness. I wonder which one is more accurate.


In this scene in particular, the flames on the left seem to be overblown in the German release while they preserve more information in the UK version.
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Don't know which color grading is the most accurate, but my hint is to do not base your choice only on overblown flames... I encountered them in many instances, and often they were the only shots with clipped whites (and noticeable often just when seen frame-by-frame), while the rest of the movie was perfect.
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I can understand that. I have no reference on how it's supposed to look though, colorwise I mean. Any fan of Cronenberg around here? Tongue
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I've no idea which is more faithful but the UK release looks way too bright to me. However, it is a much cleaner print that the DE so I just use the Second Sight with the brightness turned down on my TV, looks really good.
So there's not a lot of love around here for The Criterion release of Scanners?  Tongue
If you see the comparison between these two and the Criterion (on the same website) you'll notice a huge difference in details (or rather lack of!). For the quality of the transfer the Criterion version can't even be considered Sad
I've got the Second Sight UK and the US Criterion, both are good and both are bad in their own ways. Strangely enough most of the Criterion's shortcomings aren't that obvious when projected. Subkultur claim to have used the answer print as reference for their release (or re-release? I can't remember).
(2017-03-05, 04:04 PM)zoidberg Wrote: So there's not a lot of love around here for The Criterion release of Scanners?  Tongue

Interestingly, there's a version of the Criterion scan on their streaming service that doesnt have the green tint which looks very nice...

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