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Cube 2 DTS-ES Matrix track from the Polish DVD

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I am desperately seeking this one, since it would be a great addition to the BD spoRv is cooking.

A German dub would also be appreciated. Smile
Slightly modified the description of both complete projects, and audio, requests, to add a need for help!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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This is a re-post from the other Cube 2 thread:
Ok, so after doing more searching then I expected (due to the fact that most online-stores list the item as unavailable) I finally found where you can purchase the Polish Cube 2 DVD that contains the 6.1 DTS-ES English track that you guys have been looking for...

the link is: http://www.punkt44.pl/1595,cube_2_%5Bdvd%5D.html

The page initially will display in Polish, but towards the upper-right corner of the page there is a British flag, that if clicked, changes the page to English. The listed price is 15.99zl (which is about $5) plus shipping and states that can be shipped within 24hours of purchase. I am not interested in purchasing this, but I know you guys have been looking for this and figured I can at least post the link. Hope this helpsWink
Thanks, Jerry. We are checking some (apparently dead) download links and if they don't work I will think of purchasing that edition. But just if we can use that track untouched. If it needs to be recoded to adapt it to a different framerate, then we would lose quality and I think there would be no point on buying that.

By the way, do you know if the polish DVDs are PAL or NTSC? I guess they are PAL, but maybe we are lucky and they just import the movies in their original NTSC format, so no recoding of the track would be needed.
I know for a fact that in Poland they are PAL.
On topic of audio: yes, you would have to re-encode it BUT if it gets encoded into a lossless DTS-HDMA track there will be NO ADDITIONAL LOSS so the resulting track would be equivalent to the lossy DTS-ES track. There would only be sound degradation involved if you re-encode it into another lossy format. Therefore, it would still be beneficial to have this audio track.
...it is PAL, and conversion is unavoidable... but quality loss will be little, it "should" sound better than NTSC AC3, "may" contain different mix, and for sure it's 6.1!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Hmm... I think converting it to DTS-HD is a good idea, since there would be no quality loss as Jerry says.

Do you have the soft to pass from DTS-ES to DTS-HD changing the speed and mantaining the pitch in just one step, spoRv? I mean, with just one recoding during the process.
I'm not sure how Andrea does it, but I have the DTS Master Suite and in order to encode a DTS-HDMA file you need to input individual WAV files for each channel... The process I would use, is to open the DTS-ES sound file in Audacity. Then change the tempo (without a pitch adjustment, assuming it doesn't need one) back to NTSC speed (the setting is -4.096%)
Then export each channel into it's own WAV, load it into the DTS Master Suite and encode. There is no direct way of doing the conversion in one-step. Still, this shouldn't take long. To make sure it syncs to the video you will be using, load the center channel of the audio from the video you'll be syncing it to and then adjust the DTS-ES sound file (after tempo adjustment) accordingly. It's very simple really and will only take as long as the import/export/DTS-HDMA encoding time. A two hour movie can be done within about two hoursWink
The best I could do is lossless PCM, "simple" DTS or AC3, sorry...

This is because I decided to go for all free and/or open source "chain" for my projects, so no DTS Master Suite... but, I could close an eye (or both!) if Jerry will chime in and do it for the project... Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog

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