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Cinegy Cinescore - free benchmark for video production
WOW! What CPU and GPU have you?
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i7-6850k @ 4,4GHz and 2x GTX 1080 in SLI, all watercooled.
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Thanks given by: Colek
I have a ryzen 1800x coming in the mail tomorrow. I'll post benchmarks here when I get it. I'll bet it gets less than what Colek has but it would be cool to see it get close.
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Ah-ha! The newest CPU in town! Wink

I guess score will be quite high - difficult to beat Colek's, but would be great, I bet!

What is the actual CPU, out of curiosity?
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It's the ryzen 7 1800x. I guess it's their top of the line model that just came out. I've always kind of rooted for amd so I figured it was time to upgrade now that they are at least trying to be competitive again.
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Well.. seems as if I would need some new PC soon... if I ever want to convert something...

CPU 174
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
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Mine was something rubbish like 570 CPU 0 GPU
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Fresh win10 install with zero overclocking. The gpu didn't register but it's just an old radeon I threw in. I'll probably upgrade it in a couple months.

[Image: test1_no_overclocking.png]

EDIT:I'm pushing a score of 2100 now just by using the high performance profile on windows.  I can imagine after overclocking up to 4ghz instead of 3.6ghz and pushing the ram speed up from 2133 to 3000 it'll go up even more. I gotta wait for asus to stabilize all of the overclocking junk before I give it a try. I'm just glad it's running stable as is for the time being.

UPDATE 03/25/2017:

[Image: test2-oc_3.8ghz.png]

This is with ddr4 2666 and 3.8ghz overclocking.  The comparison is against an i7-6700K. Once the bios updates come I should be able to get up to 3ghz memory speeds perhaps.

UPDATE 04/02/2017:

[Image: test3-oc_3.92ghz-hd.png]

[Image: test3-oc_3.92ghz-uhd.png]

This is at 3.92ghz overclocking. Still can't get the ram past 2666mhz. Until then, this will be the last update because I'm not really keen on overclocking it much past this point as I don't like running cpu's past 70C during encodes.
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I'm going to give this a try. I'm interested to see where my PC stands although I know it isn't at present high-end standards.

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