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"For Your Consideration" VHS Tapes

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Hey folks,

What is the deal with promo material such as the "For Your Consideration"? I know they are sent out to people who vote on such things so my question is more about quality. Are they made better or is there anything special about them aside from the voting designation that would make a transfer of one desireable?

The one I'm looking at is Star Trek: First Contact.


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Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I'm guessing there is nothing significant about the quality of this type of VHS tape then? I always thought that these were produced by better standards than mass produced media because they are asking for votes to win awards.
Based on my experience, it's extremely rare to stumble on a first-gen copy of one of those "for your consideration" tapes. Nearly all of the ones I've seen are a second or third generation dupe, so there is significant quality degradation. When you do get lucky enough to get a first gen copy, its quality is equivalent to that of any commercial vhs release. On occasion they will still have the theatrical color timing, so they can be used as a color reference is some cases. Other than that, I'm not aware of any advantage of having those.

Out of curiosity.... Why are you look for STFC?
I found it while searching for Star Trek stuff on Ebay.

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