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Released Halloween (1978) [Fundamental Collection™ #006]
(2017-03-11, 03:35 PM)Stamper Wrote: It works in Da Vinci. Will save you a lot of work, and since you work from digital footage from the Blu-ray, you might achieve the look you want without intensive color correcting on each shot.

+1 to FilmConvert. I work in VFX and we use this plugin all the time. Can't recommend it enough and it's reasonably priced considering how great it is.
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Re-released on blutopia.
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(2017-10-26, 10:23 PM)spoRv Wrote: Re-released on blutopia.

Same version as before or did you make some changes?
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(2017-10-27, 02:27 AM)mikeveli20 Wrote:
(2017-10-26, 10:23 PM)spoRv Wrote: Re-released on blutopia.

Same version as before or did you make some changes?

All the same, apart new cover art and disc label.
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Thanks. Don't know if you saw my "mini" review on the last page, but I just want to say again how much I enjoyed this. Watched it twice just in the last three days. Smile
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Twice in three days? Absolute beginner... Happy I watched countless time when I worked on it, on two different occasions!

Thanks for the review!
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Hi guys!
Believe it or not, I've never been able to watch the original Halloween in my whole life and, after a lot of reading and searching, decided to do it with spoRv restoration before any other version. Is it possible to be invited to register to blutopia?
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Thanks for this project. It's a good outline of what I need to find/do! Smile As I currently have no access to the Blutopia. I'm trying to recreate this project (for the most part) for myself. I have a couple questions for ANYONE.

Is the isolated score ONLY available on laserdisc? I'm hoping a DVD or Blu (from anywhere) has been released with the track. Does anyone know of one?

I'm currently watching craigslist for a good deal on a player near me so .... really hoping.
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