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[request] Cube 2 NTSC DVD & other editions
Ok, so we are making this Cube 2 BD no one seems to be interested on. XD

So you might think... Why is this guy constantly opening posts about that movie?

I will explain.

We started the project, but now we need some material to make the best edition possible. While in the audio section there is a subforum to request audio tracks, here we just have this subforum to request PROJECTS, but not to request source materials.

That's why I have 2 posts about the same movie in this subforum. One was to start the project and this one is to request material to get it done.

So mainly we would need any NTSC edition with all the special features, since we already have the PAL edition and we (I mean spoRv really) could improve the quality of those extras via his PaNup process.

Come on! At least someone in this forum must know somebody who has the DVD!

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Once thing: the PaNup technique will function using PAL (converted to 23.976fps) and NTSC film material (that could be progressive, or IVTC'd to 23.976fps); it's impossible to use it with NTSC non-film (read: video at 29.97fps) because it will be impossible to convert it to 23.976fps without loosing important frames, and the converted frames will almost surely never match the related PAL frame...

So, we could use film-based NTSC material, as movies, or material ported from film... deleted scenes and trailers should do, but not other things like behind the scenes, interviews, making of shot on video...

I updated the PaNup thread about this fact.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Oh... Sad

Well, I finally found a reasonably cheap used copy of the R1 DVD for sale and I bought it. I should get it in around 10 days. I hope we can at least improve the deleted scenes.
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Just checked the Italian PAL DVD Making Of and... it is just a (bad) conversion from NTSC... so, I think it will be better to stick with the NTSC for extras!!!

Still hope to find out the Polish DVD, as the DTS-ES track should be really interesting!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
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Ok, so I don't cancel my order of the R1 DVD.
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Ok, so after doing more searching then I expected (due to the fact that most online-stores list the item as unavailable) I finally found where you can purchase the Polish Cube 2 DVD that contains the 6.1 DTS-ES English track that you guys have been looking for...

the link is:,cube_2_%5Bdvd%5D.html

The page initially will display in Polish, but towards the upper-right corner of the page there is a British flag, that if clicked, changes the page to English. The listed price is 15.99zl (which is about $5) plus shipping and states that can be shipped within 24hours of purchase. I am not interested in purchasing this, but I know you guys have been looking for this and figured I can at least post the link. Hope this helpsWink
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