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El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministry of Time)

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[Image: 45121_primera-foto-promocional-el-minist...tiempo.jpg]

This is a new spanish series about time travel.

I usually run away from spanish series because they are SO cheap and try to get the widest audience target they can (they include teen characters along with "grow-ups", "grandpas", children and whatever they can think of just to get the most part of the audience "related" to any of the characters and get them to watch the commercials).

Normally they also look "fake", shot in sets that you see that are sets, too colorful, too "home video". You get the idea. And the stories... they normally tend to be comedies since they seem to be unable to take themselves seriously.

That's why when I heard they were shooting a time travel series ("the spanish Doctor Who" they said at one point), I supposed it whould be shit. I was wrong.

First of all, it's no "Doctor Who" at all. As much as I love the british show, I didn't want an "spanish DW", mainly because when they do "the spanish whatever" it means "the cheaper lamer whatever". So better not walking that path. For the record, there is a "spanish walking dead" in development, called Rabia (Rage). LOL

Anyway, The Ministry Of Time.

Basically, the spanish government has a secret ministry that works on mantaining history as it is. If it was real life they would use that power to steal even more from us, but since it's fiction, they take care of history.

There's a large tunnel under the ministry that has lots of doors, everyone leading to a certain time and place. So no time machines.

An interesting fact is that time passes at the same time at both sides of the door. I mean, a door that in 2013 leaded to 1806, now would lead to 1808, so the missions are kind of one shots, no going back again to solve mistakes. I think that gives more sense of adventure. They talk about a "broken" door which leads to a fixed point in time, I guess it will have relevance later.

Since the first chapter, they say you can't travel to the future. All doors lead to past times, "as far as they know". The fact that there are also other doors outside of the ministry makes me think they could at some point travel to the future if the series gets a second season, but by now they are going to limit themselves to past times.

The series doesn't look cheap and they are taking it seriously. The audience ratings aren't high by now, though. Since it is a production of the national television I hope they make at least a second season since they don't really need to have great audiences as the private networks.

In this week's episode (the 3rd one, 8 have been shot for this season), Himmler (Hitler's right hand man) tries to get to a time door during a real visit he paid to Spain. In real life he was supposedly searching for the Holy Grail, which he believed it was hidden in the monastery of Montserrat, near Barcelona. He believed the mythic Montsalvat or Castle Of The Grail that Wagner mentioned in his opera Parsifal was really Montserrat. In the series he searches for the door, of course. Promising!

By they way, Himmler got his wallet stolen during his visit to Barcelona (really!). He got the full spanish experience. LOL

That's all by now!
That's really interesting! I'll take a look at it when finished, AND if they'll have italian subs... Wink

Your point of view about Spanish series could be taken "as is" also for the Italian ones... if I think about them, I can't find one really good... once I watched "R.I.S. - Delitti Imperfetti", a sort of C.S.I. - at least, the R.I.S. is real but, as in C.S.I. I don't think they could solve EVERY mystery, and ALWAYS in a day or two... well, hope something will change soon in the Italian television series...
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It can be viewed online, but just with spanish subs.
I, too, know what you are talking about by saying "cheap" production values. Most Polish tv-shows and a good portion of Polish movies have the same problem. They look cheap, crappy acting, bad scripts, bad directing, poor editing, etc. And when they finally get one right, it usually only lasts one or two seasonsSad

Since you are recommending this show, I will check it out as your VERY detailed description makes it sound interesting. Hopefully I can find some English subtitles somewhereWink

The fact that the Spaniards are doing a Spanish re-make of TWD is freaking hilarious... Tongue
Don't think you will find english subtitles, but who knows.

A funny detail I liked. In the first episode we see Diego Velazquez, the famous spanish painter from the 17th century, working for the Ministry.

In yesterday's episode, he was having an argument with the director of the Ministry. He didn't allow the artist to keep on sending letters to art magazines. Velazquez was so mad because they were restoring his paintings "the wrong way" and he wanted at least to complain writing to those specialized magazines. At one point he says: "Look, they have too much light! They look like a spanish tv series!". XD

About Rabia, I don't think it will be like The Walking Dead at all. They are just trying to get viewers by saying that. For what I have read, the story follows a group of terminal patients who are given an experimental drug which mutates into a virus that begins to spread. Police wants to catch this "patient zeroes", so they hide in an old warehouse or something like that (and here is the cheap part, I think the main action will be in this set, so forget The Walking Dead, unless we are talking about TWD 2nd season. LOL).

While the police is searching for them, they begin to know each other (there will even be a love relationship) and they will be scared because from time to time they have "attacks" of "rabia" and become violent, their faces deform, their eyes become red and they hurt the rest of the group... kind of like rabid dogs mixed with The Hulk, since after some time they become normal again.

It seems like a big pile of shit to me.
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On topic of subtitles: even if there is no English subtitles, I'm sure there are Spanish subtitles on the internet and I could use any translator to translate it into English. Yes, there would be errors but at least I could watch it and get most of the storyWink

About Rabia: Indeed that sounds like a pile of sh*t as bad as the second "Final Destination" movie which made no sense. If there is a SECOND "FINAL" destination, doesn't that mean that the FIRST destination wasn't actually "FINAL?" LOL... Ah, logic - something Hollywood lacksBig Grin
To download the episode and the spanish subs you must do the following:

Go to www.descargavideos.tv

Paste the link of the episode ( http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/el-mi...1/3013194/ ) in the search box.

Press the "magnifying glass" icon.

After some seconds it will generate 2 download buttons.

You must right click on them and "save link as" to download them.

"Descargar" (download) is the link for the episode, and "descargar subtitulos (es)"... I guess you know what it is.

By the way, the link is from the oficial web of the national spanish tv. The "descargavideos.tv" page only allows you to download it to your PC, just to avoid having to watch it online. I mean there's no piracy involved.
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thanx for the linksWink

I will check it out when I have a moment as I'm working on my project right nowSmile
In case anyone is interested, there will be at least a second season! Big Grin

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