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Mysterious Buzzing Noise

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I've been trying to preserve some LD tracks with a basic set-up: Pioneer CLD-V850, hooked up to a Toshiba DVD Recorder. Unfortunately, not a bit-perfect workflow, but better than nothing. 

Unfortunately, after transferring only three tracks (two of which turned out to be worse than the Blu-Rays), it seems as if I cannot do any more because all subsequent transfers are plagued by a mysterious buzzing noise.

Moshrom's been trying to help me troubleshoot, but so far we haven't been successful. Under his advice, I tried moving the player and recorder in case it was electrical interference from that particular outlet. Unfortunately, I've moved it twice with no luck.

Is it possible that my player is just finally giving up on me?   Devil

Anyone have any advice?   Huh

EDIT: For context, here is a sample of said buzzing noise: https://mega.nz/#!e0UESL6Q!Xtx4yycCi2Lxt...cgLshsK6ow
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What cable are you using to hook up audio out from LD to DVD? If it's some cheap one it could be the problem. Also, does this issue exist if you plug in anything else into DVD player, some other source? Or Laserdisc player alone on TV? Some transistors could gone bad.
^ What Colek said  Smile Plus the usual, check all your connections are good and well seated, with no wiggle or 'play'.
Also, you might check, if there are other Power Cables lining up next to the Audio Cables, creating some kind of induction effect.
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Thanks for all the suggestions! Will test all these and get back to you guys.
If the tv/monitor is hooked up to anything, (cable, satellite receiver) disconnect it from the coaxial RF input on the back. If the tuner in the DVD recorder is hooked up to anything, disconnect that too.
Such random interference is one of the most annoying things you can have with audio.

A while ago I tried hooking up Playstation 2 to a modern TV using component cable - I had annoying visual artifacts and audio buzz fairly similar to what's in your file, only much louder. I tried absolutely everything - different outlets, different cables, different devices, disconnecting everything I could - and it was still there, mocking me...
Sounds like a traditional ground loop problem

When all the basics fail for tracking down the buzzing noise, look for beetles* . . .

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