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Looking for "The Terminator" (1984) theatrical color grading
(2017-04-11, 04:46 PM)TServo2049 Wrote: Anything T1 from ware_electronics is from the actual film. Turn on Completed listings for tons more.

And here's my Google Drive folder:

Not sure if it'll be any help still but I got a few of the T1 film strips from ware_electronics then (as well as a couple from T2 but unsure if they were from trailer prints or not) and did my own scans on them:

[Image: f35mLC3.jpg]
[Image: EV5eVF6.jpg]
[Image: N1mXB8G.jpg]
[Image: QIn4bQ1.jpg]
Thanks given by: nafroe , Stamper , Colek
Wow!! Thanks for posting that!!
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Damn that looks beautiful! The details and everything, thanks!
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Can someone do comparisons?
I will try at some point
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Here goes.
BR vs 35mm (scanned by brettd92)
[Image: T1ref11.png]

[Image: T1ref12.png]

[Image: T1ref13.png]
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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It looks to me as the first frame with Connor walking through the city might be a nice colour reference, but the rest is very losing on the colour detail due to brightness/contrast.
IMO Bluray looks pretty decent, but it's missing depth of scan it should have, colours seem pretty flattened out.
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The scans were done via DSLR but they were pretty spot on colour-wise to when I compared to looking at the film itself. The Technoir one itself was pretty dark, not sure how far I could have pushed that.
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If it was a current one, someone could ask the seller to use his DSLR to take a RAW picture at a low ISO, from which it would be possible to recover shadow details.
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It's a difficult comparison. The scanner uses a neutral white light and if I remember correctly 80s projectors bulbs were never white. So in theory we should somehow estimate how to color correct the scans before even considering changing the blue ray colors and levels

In the shot where Kyle is walking in the street, the right side of the frame has contrast issues and some colors are definitely lost there.
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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(2018-02-04, 11:11 AM)Evit Wrote: if I remember correctly 80s projectors bulbs were never white.

Well, no. 
You had two different types of light sources for a 35mm projector. Carbon arc and xenon lamp. 
Xenon started to replace carbon during the '70s basically. Saying that one is warmer or colder would be quite missleading. It's way more complicated than that. 
To be very simple and clear as possible, carbon arc had the reputation of giving perfect whites to the projected picture while xenon lamp was indeed kinda colder looking due to the technology itself but even worse, it was aging differently from a lamp to another so let's imagine that you used to run a theater equiped with xenon lights in a changeover configuration which means two projectors, you would have reel 1 on projector 1 looking blueish then reel 2 on projector 2 looking yellowish. That's just a very basic example but you get what I mean Smile

To answer your question, The Terminator probably looked very different in term of colors depending on which theater you would go to. It definitely has been projected with carbon arc, but in '84, these weren't that common to be honest. Even old lamphouses like the famous Peerless Magnarc were refurbished with xenon lamps!
Thanks given by: CSchmidlapp

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