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Looking for "The Terminator" (1984) theatrical color grading
The hemdale disc has two shots in the wrong order in the opening sequence? Weird.
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(2018-04-18, 09:48 PM)Stamper Wrote: The hemdale disc has two shots in the wrong order in the opening sequence? Weird.

No I think that I just noticed they are in the wrong order and probably few people have I imagine it is still like that in all releases but if you switch them around the sequence makes more sense and the sound effects are fine with it also.

Instead of 2 consecutive shots of the upper body of the tank feeling like a jump cut...

The gun shop scene is also missing music,
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Well, Star Wars (a.k.a. A New Hope) has a continuity error that nobody seemed to have noticed but me - I even posted it on OT, and everybody wrote "weird, never noticed it", so Terminator could be the same.

Curious to see a top/bottom comparison of actual and edited versions... Ronster, it's up to you! Wink
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I have a thread on OT for a regrade (I think it was mentioned here before), and I've been updating it recently.

What does everyone think of this correction? It has different settings for some scenes, and most everything seems to generally match the evidence at hand, if a bit off in places. The one that's difficult is the tech noir scene. I put more magenta in it than the regular correction for the majority of the film, but there comes a point when certain colors are altered too much. I'm fine with how the scene looks right now, but it's an example of a segment that isn't entirely accurate.
Finest kind.
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