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What are you watching?
I have just binge-watched Stranger Things season 1 this Sunday. Now that season 2 has been released and since the time I've been hearing about it, plus the latest Honest Trailer, it was time to catch up. It's great. A very good and improbable merging of old Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter.
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Justice League. On the whole, I liked it. Nice to hear a few notes of the 89 Batman theme. I couldn't hear the ones from 78 Superman, but now that I've listened to the soundtrack, I got it. I still don't know where to place them in the movie, but I'll see it again Tuesday night. My 1st screening was digital IMAX 3D on a 1.90:1 screen, and in a couple scenes, I was shocked to see how badly it was framed.

- Number 1 : When Bruce and Diana have an argument, Bruce's forehead is not even on screen. There's no headroom over him. And I'm talking pretty wide shots. If it's an "artsy" choice, then I can excuse it as being a way to convey the audience that Bruce uses only half his brain to come up with his idea. But I don't think so.

- Number 2 : When Clark and Lois are in the field. Same thing, pretty wide shot and Clark's forehead is cropped out. What the hell?! I'm starting to think it might be an IMAX 1.90:1 AR problem only, but hey, can't they frame it better for the IMAX release? I'll see it again in a regular theater in ATMOS this time and 2D only (by the way 3D is mostly useless anyway), to see if I notice the same thing. The official AR is supposed to be 1.85:1, so maybe in a regular theater we can see more on top...
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