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What are you watching?
That actually does kind of sound like the LD release. It’s not perfect being a late 80’s Paramount disc but the color has always looked the best to me and I had no desire to get the crummy dvd and bd.
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Just got back from a 35mm screening of De Palma's Mission: Impossible. Just compared to the Blu-ray: overall, it's quite faithfull. It's in the ballpark. I feel it needs to be warmer on the color temperature and probably a couple points towards the green side on the color spectrum to cut back a little on the red. Now I have to RipBot the new UHD master to see what comes out of it.
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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Seen yesterday at an almost empty theater, so luckily no chatting or popcorn noises to distract the viewing.

Story: Dante's Peak meets The Lost World: Jurassic Park... so, not the most original one, still interesting, with the open, ready for the next chapter.
Acting is OK, as dialogs; some nice WOW! moments here and there who made laugh the audience.

Colors are natural, CGI pretty perfect; sound punchy.

All in all, another fun chapter in the Jurassic saga; eagerly waiting for the next (final?) one!

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