Avisynth parallel encoding

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Avisynth parallel encoding
Further tests showed mp_pipeline is faster (usually) than running a script without it; the problem is, it takes the CPU at 100% with just one instance; if I run, for example, four parallel avisynth script at once, CPU is more or less at the same workload, but summing single performance, speed is about doubled in comparison to single mp_pipeline; I should admit that sometimes (often?) one (or more) of these parallel encoding crashes, but if I have to re-run one or few of them, it's a small price to pay, in exchange of taking "only" two days instead four, for example...

Now, I'm curious to know if a CPU with more than 4 cores takes advantage of the mp_pipeline, or, as I suspect, running eight (instead four) concurrent instances would always take half time...

EDIT: forgot that, when I did the last parallel encoding, I used a lighter script... with the new one, with added filters, parallel encoding crashed almost immediately - even if still a bit faster, and CPU around 80%... so, mp_pipeline is still faster than not using it, AND it does not crash. I guess I should wait...
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(2017-04-01, 07:12 PM)althor1138 Wrote: So I figured I'd try out avisynth+ with multi-threading and from my experience the last few hours this is a terrible idea. No matter what it only uses 4 cores at about 10% and averages 3.5 fps. It's really a mess. Uninstalling and getting back to avisynth 2.6mt was also a nightmare.  Had to delete registry keys, hidden folders, etc. just to get it to autoload the plugin directory again since avs+ moves all of the pointers in the registry and uninstalling it didn't remove them.

What I'm trying to say here is avoid avs+ especially the multi-threaded variant. If somebody has had success please elaborate lol.  I think I might try Vapoursynth here soon just to see if I can figure it out.

Ive just had a similar experience!

I pipe my scripts through TMPGenc 6 which is 64bit. The first test was fantastic and used 100% of my processer then after that became ustable and would just crash the programe. (I had realtime playback in my scripts with MPC still, but I had that with AVS 2.6.0MT).

Returning back to AVS 2.6.0MT, while it works, is now is buggy as hell!!! AVISource even has problems Sad

Any advice on how you corrected your system would be appreciated Smile
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