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Fully restored THX trailers?

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Does anyone have fully-restored classic THX trailers in 1080p, or else could anyone restore classic THX trailers? Here are the ones I'm interested in seeing in true HD:
  • Wings ("For the past 35 years, motion picture loudspeaker systems have not changed...")
  • Broadway (original version, the one with the blue rectangular border) (HD Classic version from 2010 or so acquired)
  • Cimarron (original mix if possible, that's the one that was banned for blowing up speaker drivers in cinemas across the nation) (35mm Dolby SR mix with James Horner's score acquired)
  • Grand (as seen on the DVD of Speed)
  • Broadway 2000 ("Let's see it in THX")
  • Cavalcade (the one derived from the trailer seen on T2's DVD and Blu-ray releases)
  • Bounty (the 20th anniversary trailer with sound clips from a lot of movies)
  • The Science of Sensation (as seen on the DVD of Backstroke of the West, more popularly known as Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith)
  • Perhaps even the trailers featuring that robot with a red cap named Tex (Moo Can trailer acquired)
Whoever is skilled at 3D conversion, could they also do 3D versions of Grand, Broadway 2000, and the Tex trailers, and also the original T2 trailer that would become Cavalcade? Because I was hoping to include them on restorations digitally mastered for superior sound and picture quality within the parameters the original filmmakers intended, if I can accomplish that (THX mastering for video is, after all, notoriously hit-or-miss, with the jobs on Avatar and Titanic being the best I can think of).
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Thanks, but I'm apparently not ranked high enough to view that thread. Is that video available anywhere else, i.e. that I can access?
Quite a few THX trailers have been acquired in full HD thus far, but there's still more to collect at that resolution. Those I've struck through, I've acquired completely in 1080p.
Search for "demo world"; you would find almost (if not all) the trailers you need.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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