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Members who have never posted!
I'm aware that many newbies registered here just to read the forum - it is not possible to read the first post of every thread for unregistered users - and I'm aware also that many are lurkers and maybe think that they have nothing interesting to post, but... if you will NEVER post, you'll never know!!!

C'mon, take a minute, and few grams of courage, and start your thread, or reply to an existing one... I'm pretty sure nobody will "eat" you, because this is a friendly community, with a lot of good persons who are here to help, learn, and have fun...

Waiting for your first post; a good place to start is the presentation subforum!
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Well said! The more active the community, the better the odds are that we will see more releases. The people on this site that have that kind of talent are not going to knock themselves out for a place where there are only a dozen regular users. (my opinion of course)
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I don't mind to post here even if we are a small pool of good users, who exchange ideas, project etc. and it's normal, as this is a young community focused on a very niche topic; of course, it will be better if every user will post regularly, even to leave some feedback or asking for help; we don't bite... I think! Wink
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