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Pink Floyd - Hey You - Semi-Color Remaster

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Ok, so I've been gone for a while because I've been CRAZY BUSY for the last few months... Not only has life been all over the place, but I've all been consumed with trying to move all of my various project forward...

FINALLY, after nearly a year of adjusting setting and re-filtering, re-overlaying, and... so much other stuff I don't wanna even mention, LOL... well, I've finally come up with something that I can present, as I'm getting ready to release a project I've wanted to complete for a very long time...

So, those that know me can confirm that this will be my "usual" length post  Wink Tongue

A couple of years ago, I was sitting with a buddy of mine, watching the decent 1080i HDTV cap of "Pink Floyd - The Wall" and, because we were stoned, we got to talking about how "Hey You" is missing during the film. We both have a fondness for the track and then we remembered that the "missing 7th reel" (containing "Hey You") is included as an extra on the DVD release for the film. At the time, I wasn't really proficient at any real remastering when it came to video so the thought ended there...

However, as time has gone by and I've learned a lot, plus have been introduced to certain fantastic software, where this is now a relatively easy project...

To those wondering, YES - there will be a very nice, full HD release that I have nearly complete of "Pink Floyd - The Wall" in 1080p with numerous audio options and NO LOGO, coming towards the end of the month and this "side-project" is a part of that release...

Anyway, I started working on the footage, after upscaling it to 1080p, to restore as many of the frames as possible from "Reel 7" of the workprint (which contained "Hey You," but was cut for time) using not just corrected frames from that footage, but also incorporating all of the footage that was re-inserted from that reel into other parts of the actual film that are in color unlike the workprint which is black and white only - and very rough too, I might add. It's funny, because all claims report that 80 to 90 percent of the footage was "recycled" back into the film, but the truth is actually closer to 35 percent. I identified ALL frames and reinserted them back in, hence how I can destroy this myth...

Anyway, I am not ready to release everything just yet, as I'm still working on the audio (not for this video, but the overall project that this video will be a part of) but I just wanted to show this off to people and get a sense of what others might think about this...

Also, this shows that I have been working on stuff even though you guys haven't seen as much of me lately Wink LOL Tongue

anyway, here is the A/B comparison with the original "Hey You" video (a.k.a "Reel 7" that is featured on the DVD as an extra) on the left and my "remaster" on the right...

I am looking for ANY and ALL comments on this.... NOTHING will be ignored and I'm open to suggestions, as I've already gone through over a hundred revisions to this before I even got to the point where I felt comfortable enough to release this "workprint sample..."  Wink

EDIT: Just noticed that youtube changes the color space and portions of the video that I enhanced don't look right on the youtube video (some differences are noticeable and some look like I only changed the damn color) --- anyway, I'm uploading the video to MEGA right now and will update this post with a link in about 20 minutes...

Here's the link, as the youtube video does NOT show the differences right at all (looks like the whole thing got converted from "Studio RGB" to "Computer RGB" so this will be waaaaaay better...


M2TS file, AVC 1080p - 2ch LPCM - 778MB - runtime 4min 36sec
Jerry, good job!

Do you plan to remove all those lines, debris, drop-outs etc, right? And, what about the b&w parts which have no color counterparts?
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Do you plan on inserting "Hey You" back in the movie, making and extended cut of "The Wall"?
I think this is good, but it could do with a clean up to match.

You know there is more footage released that is not in "The Wall" that was meant to be right?

Some more footage can be found regarding the soldier which has another song laid over it but also I have a sneaky suspicion "shine on you crazy Diamond" animation is also meant for "the Wall" by Gerrald Scarfe.

But yeah I like it. There is a lot more if you dig a bit deeper but it's a good effort and I love this film.

This will help you

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