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Released Waterworld (1995) [Fundamental Collection™ #009]
(2019-01-13, 12:27 AM)LucasGodzilla Wrote:
(2019-01-12, 10:10 PM)spoRv Wrote: Could someone please post the screenshot of the previous frame, but taken from the Arrow release? Thanks a lot!

I got you homie!

[Image: vlcsnap-2019-01-12-14h26m18s393.png]

Is this a new restored 4K edition?
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(2019-01-13, 08:16 AM)maksnew Wrote: Is this a new restored 4K edition?

Yup. Ripped it from the disc fresh earlier today after I read the post with MakeMKV and skimmed it to find the frame to snapshot.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
Thanks given by: OogieBoogie
I'm on the phone now, and pics are small... yet, it seems the new Arrow color grading is pretty much the same of the old one - according to various screenshot comparisons, better, yet not the same of the old good laserdisc... am I right?
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At home, I did my homeworks... made a quick'n'dirt update to the wanna-be Fundamental Collection latest version, using Arrow BD as main source, and this is the result:

Is the increased frame needed? And the color grading, still?
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Thanks given by: OogieBoogie
damn, that looks nice sporv and if you are asking if a new regrade would be appreciated, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.
Thanks given by: spoRv
OK, had some time to work on the new regrade, using Arrow as source.

First of all, it is great! Yes, a slightly bigger frame size, a lot more details, improved contrast, and better colors than the previous BD (HD-DVD); yet, even if colors many times are really close (if not the same) of the laserdisc, when we talk about sea/sky (most important "stars" of this movie), things are not so great IMHO... I should admit the white balance seems often better than laserdisc, but at what price? Magenta, pink, teal sky? Green sea? Neon green vegetation, blue smoke, desaturated skin - in some shots, while in the next ones is right?

I'll pass, thanks... I can't be sure Arrow colors are not the "right" ones as seens in the cinema... still, I think that laserdisc color grading - with its own faults - is waaay better, even if it could always be "only" a regrade made at the time... with a slight correction (mostly due to analog introduced errors) the result is a lot more pleasing to the eyes - at least, mine! Happy

An example - top Arrow, bottom Fundamental Collection 2019:

[Image: WW-moviefingerprint-arrow.png]
[Image: WW-moviefingerprint-FC2019.png]

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Thanks given by: OogieBoogie
sporv, umm, do you mean that the bottom set of images are from a new as yet not released fundamental regrade or are they from your old one?
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Your regrade is indeed very pleasing to the eyes. I don't know which is the correct one. Since it's a dystopian world we're supposed to look at, maybe the Arrow grading is more suitable for that feeling, but your regrade does look beautiful and more paradise-like, which might be an issue. Nevertheless, when it's available, I'm definitely getting it. That looks too damn good to ignore.
Thanks given by:
@OogieBoogie: it's a brand new one - not even started, just preliminary tests!

@Beber: I agree that, in a way, those bleak colors fit the post apocalyptic water world... and yes, I dunno if Arrow ones are "right" or not... yet, some think that, because a previously edition (like laserdisc) is old, and used also an ancient technology (in comparison to modern one), it should be considered wrong. I don't think so. Sure, there were A LOT of problems at the times, but we must be thankful that sometimes they made "quick'n'cheap" transfers using interpositive or even release print - that I suspect costed a lot less than scan a negative and then regrade it - that had closer colors than modern versions - not only due to the fact negative + digital grading will never lead to the exact color grading (timing) of the final print, but also because it seems the latest years vogue for the DOP and/or director to change their mind (even more than once, see The Thing) and get a "better" version, where in reality most of the times they weren't better at all...

I have made a quick comparison between this Arrow BD, the previous BD (HD-DVD, they share the same master), the WEB version, and the good ol' laserdisc, and, while Arrow colors are improved in comparison to BD and WEB, and often are very very close to LD, as you can see many times are still completely off... yes, sure, one that is used only to BD and/or WEB can only see the Arrow as much better - and it is, in comparison. Yet, I am strongly convinced that laserdisc (and VHS, and old TV broadcasts) have the "right" colors.

At the end, I do not want to convince anybody else; the regrade will never "cancel" the other versions, but I think it's better to have more choices to pick up, instead of only one!

(and yes, I think those blues are gorgeouse, much better than those "50 shades of magenta"! Happy )
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