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In progress Where Eagles Dare English + German Dub w/ intermission
That's right indeed. Does PGS subs can be tweaked with a special font? I think they can.
I would do the full subs as released online, and the original subs set in the same font as the original.

Here's what the full subs look like from a blogger called Carmelo Mike

[Image: Capture2.PNG]

[Image: Capture1.PNG]
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I usually use TSmuxer to add subtitles; there, you can choose font type and dimension.
Thanks given by: Stamper
As I was googling this fantastic movie and searching (again) if anyone agrees that it's crazy all characters speak English in this movie... I stumbled on this forum! Well first thank you Stamper for posting my original notes so more people can be aware and sorry I didn't keep the torrent I had created alive... the good news is I still have the final video and I'd be more than willing to share it here. It is an MKV file of about 4 GB. Video is 1920x802, frame rate 23.97, 2 audio streams (first one English with German inserts, 2nd one English only), last stream is for English subs, forced by default but can be disabled).
Thanks given by: Plissken1138 , Vlaflip
Fantastic xstef, PM sent!
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any new developments on this project?
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It's on the internal organ!
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wait... the english/german dub one? on the organ I see only the jonno's theatrical w/intermission but it's all english.
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Really? I thought the original guy who did the project put it there? I might up it then, I'll send him a PM so that he is OK with it.
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Thanks a bunch! I did PM xstef a couple days ago and he just replied so I got that one now!

In the meantime I was curious (and a bit impatient) and started tinkering with English 5.1 and German 2.0, to put together similar thing. Noticed some peculiarities, like German soldiers actually speaking German in original English track, or background dialogues in English (pretty badly looped couple times) on German dub for tavern raid scene Smile
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Well this looks like a bunch of fun! Very nice project indeed!
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