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[In progress] Where Eagles Dare English + German Dub w/ intermission
Where Eagles Dare English + German Dub

I'm putting info on this project here, as it seems to have vanished from the surface of the web.

I just think it's interesting enough to have all the details archived in a thread.

so this is Where Eagles Dare (1968, English + German Dub) a project made by internet user St├ęphane C., which mixes back the german parts in Where Eagles Dare, original english language track, to give the film the same feel as the french dub, and a much more suspensful, immersive experience than the original which have all the people speaking in english, which makes no sense.

Here are his notes:

Why I dubbed some parts in
I grew up in France and always loved watching "Where Eagles Dare"
when it was on TV.
Of course, In France, the movie was dubbed in French when it was
released in 1969, as is the case with most foreign movies released
in France.
But what is very interesting and unique is that the French decided
to have the German speak German in the film: so they dubbed the
movie in French but added the German dubbed version when Germans
are supposed to speak German. That is how I had always watch this
movie and it made sense. The German language parts would are
subtitled in the rench version.
I was very surprised when I saw the original English version one
day and shocked to see everyone spoke English... Germans speak
English, wait what?
I was able to get my hand on a couple of European DVDs of the movie
and noticed that the French version is the only one that has this
feature. the Italian version has everyone speak Italian, same for
the Spanish version, and of course the German version...
I decided, since I had about 16 hours to lose, to try to make an
English version where germans speak German.
I used Adobe Autition to keep the original 5.1 English Track and
only dubbed the Center Channel when needed (see below for
I also added English subtitles for the German dubbed parts. Most
are the original English subtitles but a couple of them had to be
adapted to translate correctly the German dialogue.
Now most people will come back to me and say "How could you dub
Eastwood and Burton's voice, it sucks, etc.." Yes, I know the
difference between the original English and German dubbed is quite
noticable at time, but... Just consider this as an Art
I decided to change slightly a couple of things from the French
1. In the French version, Eastwood speaks French right at 0:38:22
after Burton says "I didn't get around to that. Thank you."
I thought that the voice tone difference was too much too switch
back right there to English plus the bartender was still around and
could hear them speak English...
2. In the French version, The colonel and Burton speaks French at
1:31:30 and 1:31:44 and also 1:31:51. It would be ok but again the
tone of voice is so different between the English and German that I
thought it'd be better to have the whole scene in German... plus I
am not sure German Major Wilner (in Italy) is supposed to
understand English.
The purists out there can always switch to audio track #2 if they
can't stand German dub.
Sound track #1 AC3 5.1 English + German dub (default track)
Sound track #2 AAC 5.1 English (Original version)
Subtitled are forced.
St├ęphane C.
Timing where German dub occurs:
0:29:21 0:30:55 Colonel arrival
0:34:03 0:34:51 Bridge Crossing
0:35:22 0:35:25 Tavern
0:36:23 Two Beers
0:37:00 0:37:28 Tavern
0:37:38 0:38:24 Tavern
0:44:15 0:45:15 Tavern
0:46:04 0:46:25 Tavern
0:46:27 0:46:37 Tavern
0:47:06 0:48:24 Tavern + Cable car
0:49:16 0:49:35 Car
0:51:40 0:53:59 Castle Arrival
1:05:24 1:05:32 Captain Muller
1:17:13 allo
1:17:37 1:17:42 Talking
1:20:39 1:21:05 Phone
1:21:51 1:23:00 Gestapo
1:26:24 1:27:31 Gestapo
1:31:08 1:32:11 Phone
1:32:55 1:33:07 Gestapo
1:34:47 Gard!
1:35:55 1:38:03 Gestapo
1:42:39 1:42:45 Prison
1:49:29 Firefight
1:50:35 Firefight
1:51:42 Firefight
1:52:02 Firefight
2:09:46 2:10:06
2:16:06 Calling airport
2:17:07 2:17:11 on the phone
2:23:51 2:24:22 airplane calling airport
2:26:01 2:26:09 airplane calling airport
Thanks given by: xstef
I'd love to see it. Eagles is a big, big fav of mine
Thanks given by:
Not the same as your project, but I'd like to sync the LD mono and reinstate the intermission. Just need to track down a copy of that disc in the UK.
Thanks given by:
Well, since the German dub on the BD is in mono as well, the LD mono could be used as a better basis for an audio fanedit.
Thanks given by:
That's interesting, yes, there's two things exclusive to the LD, the intermission + the original english mono mix.
So far, only the english 70mm mix (I assume it is) is included in the DVDs and BDs.

Following the guy's guide, I don't think conforming the english mono to the french dub will be a lot of work. It should be really easy.

I can take care of syncing the english version with the german parts, if you want.

I could also sync the french dub to the LD with intermission.

I have the forced subs already (for the german parts) so translating them into english shouldn't be too hard.
Thanks given by:
I think the entire scenes at the Gasthaus and the Schloss (until Schaffer shoots Von Hapen) should be in German in addition to what was in German in the French version.

As long as the men pretend to be German in public, they should speak German.
Thanks given by:
I should watch the movie again.

Also there's forced french subs which have been fan created and put online since the Blu-ray, of course, doesn't have those for the french dub (you can't understand the german parts unless you put the subs on for the whole film).

However they've been "fixed" ie they do not correspond to the original burned in subs on the original prints. They were shorter on screen so fans thought they should make them more expansive and detailed.

I don't like this and prefer the original subs. This is not a film made to spend your time reading subs, hence why they were short and to the point in the original prints. Subs were terse and just told you enough so that you knew what was going on. Not completely detailed to every word said. That accentuated the feeling of immersion in a foreign land.

Lucky me the film is on TV all the time with the correct subs added. So I would just fix again the subs with the correct words, and create the english subs for those part to match. Also some german talk wasn't translated (like small talk) and I would keep it that way, it create more the feeling of being in dangerous grounds.

If anybody as a rip of the french VHS, that would be awesome, as I could recreate the subs burned in with the exact same font (as pgs subs). If not, I saw some for sale online for about 6 bucks shipping included, so I will probably buy one just to make sure my preserv matches the original.
Thanks given by:

Aside from GBU, this is my favorite Eastwood movie. Am looking forward to seeing this once it's finished.

I would offer my help with the audio, but I'm swamped with my own projects right now as I finally acquired the extra sources needed to complete them...
Thanks given by:
That's fine, I can handle the audio part. I'm not good for film part, but audio is OK, as long as I have the video reference for both, I can sync perfect.

Here are some shots of the original french vhs with the original subs for the german parts:

[Image: vlcsnap-error743.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error843.png]
Thanks given by:
Interesting project indeed!

My 2c: why don't you use both subtitle versions? One "original" and one "extended"? They will waste few MBs, but could be appreciated by more people, I suppose - I'm split between verbatim subs and fast-to-read ones, so have both would be a good solution.
Thanks given by:

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