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From Film to Delivery.

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Phenomena has been on my long list as a project for these very reasons.

If you look at the reviews of the day in the US (for Creepers) more than a few critics made notes of the blue lights and gels. Particularly, when compared to the more varied colors of Suspira and Inferno. Couple that with Don May's dedication to get the Argento movies right, I'm more inclined to believe the Synapse release is closer to the "true" colors than the Arrow release.

The Arrow's colors are poor in comparison. With its modern green and yellow mix, I wonder if it wasn't scanned by our Italian friends who are known for imparting that look on many a cult film they scan.

The superior detail of the Arrow with the superior color of the Synapse is a match made in heaven...or a dark pit.
Going back to Hellraiser real fast actually. I was watching through it when I just noticed this shot.

[Image: vlcsnap-2019-01-18-22h33m40s746.png]

I don't know if it's just me, but is the color grading in this shot akin to a faded Kodak print?
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Dunno about faded or print, but it reminds me a bit of Kodachrome. Kodachrome slides used to have a unique emulsion that resulted in the final slide containing silver, while normal slide films just contain dye, which gave it more "solid" blacks of sorts. They also almost didn't fade at all, from what I understand. Had the lucky opportunity to take a few Kodachrome pictures myself before the processing finally stopped.

Of course maybe you mean something different, but that's what I thought of.
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(2019-01-19, 08:59 AM)TomArrow Wrote: Of course maybe you mean something different, but that's what I thought of.

It's probably just me then but it looks like there's a reddish hue to the scene that just gives me that impression (Please note, I'm not actually saying I think it's a faded print scan or anything, I just think the digital color grade is bad).
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]

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